Podcasting Tips

How to promote your show

In this post I summarize some easy activities you can do in order to promote your show.

  • Create your show’s  facebook fan page. This solution is helpful to create a friends micro community which follow your show and listen to your episodes.  You can also share your episode on Spreaker facebook page.
  • Activate atwitter account in order to keep in contact with your fans. You can also become a Spreaker follower.
  • Record a 30″ radio spot of your show.
  • Write down a brief show description.

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Create a Radio Spot for your Show

Tell us what your episodes are about!!

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Events Podcasting Tips

News from Masters of Magic

From 19th to 23rd May the best-known names in the world of magic will be at the 9th Saint-Vincent Casino magic congress, which is also the 1st Italian magic championship.
According to Tony Binarelli, the selection process for this 1st Italian magic championship has sparked enormous enthusiasm in the world of magic in Italy.
All the clubs and magicians have put great care and enthusiasm into trying out for this championship, which will see the election of the first winner at Saint-Vincent.

Follow MASTERS OF MAGIC on Spreaker

Masters of Magic Web Radio on Spreaker

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Podcasting Tips

Learning Italian by using Spreaker


In this post I’d like to tell you about the  story of Francesco Tarozzi, an Italian teacher in Chile. Francesco has realized a new way to teach Italian, proposing his students to create Italian radio shows by using Spreaker.

In fact Spreaker is a platform that combines young people’s interests such as music, radio and internet. The shows that guys created are music shows, sports columns, interviews…The most funny shows are Radio Geisha, RadiOnfire, RadioMondo, PocketHit, Radio Italica.

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Podcasting Tips

Create a Radio Spot for your Show

Do you think that your show needs more adv? Do you think that Spreaker’s users shouldn’t miss your episodes?
Create a radio spot of 30″ summarizing the most important info of your show:

  • NOME
  • TEMA

Once you have created an mp3 file, send it to elena.artico[at]spreaker.com  . After few hours you can listen to your spot on Spreaker!

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Podcasting Tips

A new show on Spreaker. RumoreRadio

The new show of RumoreRadio will be on air tomorrow, 19th May.
RumoreRadio is an innovative and dynamic show with special guests, news, good music and, above all, a lot of fun.

If you want ot take part in this project, just send an email to simone@rumoreradio.it
RumoreRadio is in streming on rumoreradio.it or on spreaker.i

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Social Radio Revolution

During the meeting MUSIC & WEB in ITALY taking place on Saturday the 15 of May, Spreaker is going to speak about radio and  the sea changes caused by  web.

The convention focuses on three main themes:

  • digital music history
  • case studies of music innovative platforms
  • music-mobile
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Enzo Mazza / FIMI (fimi.it)
Marco Vichi / Nokia Italia (nokia.it)
Marco Viganò (Deejay.it)
Marina Pierri (vitaminic.it)
Giordano Sangiorgi (MEI / audiocoop.it)
Francesco Fiore (Neomobile.com)
Dario Amata (Knowmark.it)
Giuseppe Ravello (soundaymusic.com)
Umbi Damiani (Irma rec-irmagroup.com)
Mauro Ragnini (audioglobe.com)
Sem Ronzoni (splitgigs.com)
Davide d’Atri (beatpick.com)
Massimo Ciociola (MusiXMatch)
Gian Maria Girardi ( thounds-com)
Alex Dandi (4forgotten floor/Pinktronix/Laveria DM Digital Team)
Bartolomeo Sailer (40033 rec.)
Andrea Benedetti (Plasmek rec. /ex –Final Frontier distribution)
Andrea Sartori (50lab.com)
Andrea Sbaragli ( abuzzsupreme.it )

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Music Italy Show

Bologna is again the main Italian stage for music and instruments’ fair. From 15 till 17 May, more than 140 performances live in this national music fair.

During fair events, Saturday the 15 of May there will be a special convention to focus on the relationship between Music & Web in Italy.   About this topic, Spreaker will take its own history to show and discuss the revolution taken by social web radio.

You can win  free entrance by listening and playing with some nice speakers!!

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Podcasting Tips

Tell us what your episodes are about!!

In this moment Spreaker hosts thousands of shows and it is more and more difficult to be known and followed by people.

So I invite you to take advantage of every occasions to promote your show. How? Just keeping in contact with Spreaker’s staff.

You can send an email to Spreaker’s staff describing your project and adding as many details as possible.


So your task as speaker is just to give us all the informations related to your project. Then we communicate to public what is going on. Good luck!

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Miss Drag Queen Piemonte sponsored by Spreaker

From the 14 of May till the 18 of June, at Shortbus Café in Turin, every Friday night it’s going on the competition for the best Drag Queen of the region.

The event is organized in partnership with Miss Drag Queen, ArciGay, Turin Pride Association, Drag Academy, Artifex e 85 cent.  Media partner, Spreaker
F or more info

mailto: info@shortbuscafe.it


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A picture with Scotty. The winner is Carlito

Do you remember Spreaker’s first contest “Take a picture with Scotty and win a T-shirt?

Carlito and Scotty

Well, Carlito has won that contest!!

He was very happy when he knew about the award and so he commented: “Thanksssssss. I’m really moved by this award. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this success: the make-up artists, hairdressers, electricians, plumbers, mechanics, the seamstress, the costumes, the cleaning lady, my neighbor, my wife, my children and all the friends that I have been close. Thank you for loving me.

Carlito’s Bullshit su Spreaker

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