A picture with Scotty. The winner is Carlito

Do you remember Spreaker’s first contest “Take a picture with Scotty and win a T-shirt?

Carlito and Scotty

Well, Carlito has won that contest!!

He was very happy when he knew about the award and so he commented: “Thanksssssss. I’m really moved by this award. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this success: the make-up artists, hairdressers, electricians, plumbers, mechanics, the seamstress, the costumes, the cleaning lady, my neighbor, my wife, my children and all the friends that I have been close. Thank you for loving me.

Carlito’s Bullshit su Spreaker

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Radio Libriamoci Web and Spreaker support Emergency

During the Emergency demonstration in Rome, Saturday the 17 april 2010 from 3.15 pm  onwards,  Radio Libriamoci Web will be on air to comment on the events happened  in recent days.
People can express their point of view by writing an email to

Radio Libriamoci Web and Spreaker support Emergency.

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Innovate! 100. Spreaker at the top technology, media and communication startups selection

Monday the 19 of April, Spreaker social web radio will take part in Innovate!100 Global Competition, during its Milan stage.

Innovate!100 is a global competition for identifing the world’s 100 most promosing technology, media and telecommunications startups. The event is organized in Pitch Slams, which derive their name from poetery slams. In each of the Pitch Slams, Innovate!100 semi-finalists have five minutes each to pitch to an audience of local investors, entrepreneurs, executives and media.

After the pitch, each startup will receive invaluable feedback from a panel of expert judges.
They are selected Innovate!2010 sponsors, partners and serial entrepreneurs who use G/Scores to judge the pitches and provide live feedback.
The Innovate!100 will be offered a chance to participate in the Innovate! Connection Program to profit from pre-qualified introductions to potential partners, investors and customers.

Pitch Slam agenda

9:15 – (Invite-only) Welcome and registration for judges and semi-finalists

9:30 – (Invite-only) G/Score training session for judges and invited guests

9:45 – (Invite-only) Private briefing for Innovate!2010 semi-finalists

10:00 – Kick-off of Pitch Slam and G/Score overview

11:00 – Break

11:30 – More pitches by Innovate!2010 semi-finalists

11.30 – Pitch dei semi finalisti

12.30 – Networking

13:00 – Winner of Pitch Slam announced

The event is organized by Guidewire Group, which  is a global market intelligence and advisory firm passionate about technology entrepreneurship. Their exclusive focus on early-stage companies and emerging technology markets drives insight and opportunity to their clients and community.

So the appointment is for Monday the 19 of April at Via Chiaravalle 8 – Milan, care of Assolombarda, in the Falck room.
For more information, please visit

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Spreaker Community Guidelines

Spreaker is an open and free community where each user has the right to chat and share ideas while broadcasting good music. However there are some Community Guidelines.

These Community Guidelines are here to help you understand what it means to be a member of Spreaker. Don’t forget that your use of Spreaker is subject to these Community Guidelines and our Terms of use.

By uploading a piece of content on the Spreaker site, you are representing that you have accepted the Spreaker Community Guidelines.

While using Spreaker, use common sense!!!

We’re a community of many types of people. Diversity is our strenght and our beauty, but all users have the right to feel safe and comfortable using the Spreaker website. So, be responsible and respect our guidelines.

  • Respect copyright. In other words, don’t post copyrighted content (including links to third party websites) without permission from the owner.
  • Be respectful to each other.  There is no tolerance for predatory behaviour, disparaging or defamatory comments, threats, harassment, illegal activities, invading privacy, racial hatred, discrimination of any kind, offensive cultural behaviour, vulgar or obscene content, or other inappropriate behaviour or the revealing of other members’ personal information.
  • Comply with law. Make sure you comply with all applicable rules and laws. Do not promote information that you know or think is criminal or illegal.

Spreaker reserves the right to investigate and take appropriate legal action against anyone who, in Spreaker’s sole discretion, is in breach of these Community Guidelines, including without limitation, removing the offending content from the Spreaker site without notice and terminating the username of such users. Spreaker will determine in its sole discretion whether content and/or conduct is in breach of these Community Guidelines.

We will update these Community Guidelines from time to time, so please check the community’s page frequently.


If you wish to flag inappropriate material to Spreaker, please send an email to referring the episode and the exact episode timing when these guidelines have been broken.

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Podcasting Tips

Second episode. Words are never too much

Write, write and write! As I told you in the first episode of this post, all spaces must be used for communicating your episode’s content both to your fans and of course to search engines. There are two places where you can write i

  • comments
  • episode’s description

The last one is underestimate but it is usefull to reach your target.

How can you write something in

In the “create section”, once you have uploaded your episode, you can write a short description, using keywords which at best stand for episode’s content.

Come inserire info sulla puntata

An example

Tangura, an italian speaker, uses that place to speak about music tracks and artists which are going on air. Writing “Damine Rice” and few more infos, Tangura reaches her aims.

Il testo descrittivo

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Spreaker @ SMAU fiera

Spreaker will be in Rome on 24 and 25 of march during the meeting “Percorsi dell’Innovazione.  Dall’Idea al Business” dedicated to the innovation made in Italy.

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Podcasting Tips

Build your show Identity

Having a well-defined show identity is fundamental to grab your audience attention. Any available space on your show page can be used to communicate to your audience what kind of show you’re doing, when it will be broadcast and what you’ll be talking about. All this effort is made to grab the attention of the users who are dwelling on Spreaker and deciding what they would like to listen to.

This post will be pubblished as separate episodes. Read the second episode

Episode I: Branding

Think of how important is a product logo or brand and how it impacts on your individual choiches. Spreaker is a platform for having fun but your show should have a unique personality.  It must transmit a message which reaches your audience. Your profile image, for example, is very important. Think of it as a tool for talking about yourself and increase your audience


Here are some samples of clever usage of profile and show images

Radio Salzano have choosen two different images. The profile image looks very professional and reminds of an editorial office logo. On the contrary, the show picture is light and entertaining.


BrokenBrain made a different choice. While the show picture is abstract, Pietro – the Speaker – has choosen to show his picture.


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