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Interview: Paul Spain, Coordinator of the Asia Pacific Podcast Conference

Paul is founder and CEO at Gorilla Technology, coordinator of the Asia Pacific Podcast Conference and is building a podcast network focused on the Asia Pacific region. The NZ Tech Podcast, which Paul co-founded, reached #1 overall on iTunes in New Zealand by its 3rd episode – and his NZ Business Podcast saw similar success. His first taste of having his voice recorded was on a reel-to-reel audio tape aged 5. He’s also run a pre-Facebook global social network ( which reached over 300,000 members, and has appeared dozens of times on TV along with radio and both local and international podcasters.

With a deep interest in technology, Paul Spain has been involved in many aspects of digital media over the last 25 years. He’s coordinator of the next Asia Pacific Podcast Conference that will take place on February 12th – 13th in Auckland, New Zealand. Here’s the interview we conducted:

What do you think is the most common trouble new podcasters run into? And what do they have to do to prevent or fix it?

I commonly come across quality podcasts, that have failed to obtain the attention and audience they deserve. This is usually due to a combination of factors – such as lack of focus on the audience and building a community, inadequate promotion and even poor naming of the podcast. Seeking support and coaching from experts can help with getting much better results.

What will be the focal point of your panel during the conference?

In my opening keynote I’ll be talking about the future of podcasting – and the immediate and coming opportunities that exist for individuals and organisations via the medium of podcasts.

In your opinion, how has podcasting changed in the last few years?

Podcasting has grown its listener base and has become more valuable for content creators – individuals, broadcasters and marketers. It continues to grow its audience as smartphones become the norm, mobile data becomes cheaper and technologies such as live streaming platforms and in car mobile connectivity become normalised.

Can you give us a prediction on podcasting’s future?

Podcasting has a bright future as a dominant method of content distribution and consumption. Just as video-on-demand (such as Netflix) has replaced live television viewing for many, so the same will be true with audio-on-demand (podcasts) stepping in to replace traditional live radio..

What are, in your opinion, the three words that sum up what determines the success of a podcast?

Content, promotion, community.

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  • KiwiNZ Feb 4, 2016 at 6:21 am

    As a fellow kiwi podcaster Mr Spain has a very bad reputation in the local scene. Whilst he achieved some recognition a few years ago the top technology podcast in NZ is hashtag radio which I have seen featured on the blog. I was an early fan of his first podcast but by all accounts he burnt bridges there and across the community with his comments, style and approach. It is a shame to see him featured.

    • Chiara Feb 10, 2016 at 10:19 am

      Hi, thanks for your feedback. Are there other podcasters in Australia and New Zealand that we should know about to profile?

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