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We know that the World is full of talent, but sometimes it is not that easy to find; and this is particularly the case in Italy, where the developer community is heavily fragmented. So if you’re in the need of a talented (or rockstar) developer, what recruiting tool should you use – since the old fashioned word of mouth is of little use here?

At Spreaker found the answer in Coderloop. Coderloop is an awsome (and very addictive) puzzle game for developers. The rules are simple: you have to solve specific problems – for which a clear requirement specification is given in plain English – writing real code. A large number of programming languages is supported so I’m sure you will find your favorite one there and will be able to start coding immediately.

Once you’re done, simply submit your solution on the website and the code you’ve written will be executed and tested against some specific input sequences. If it gives the expected results and stays within required boundaries (i.e. execution time vs memory usage) then the level is cleared and you can move on to the next puzzle. It sounds easy – and in facts most puzzles can be solved with about 10 lines of code or so – but believe me, the input sequences against which your snippet is tested are REALLY nasty! Don’t take anything for granted if it is not written in the specification (spoiler Alert: for instance, don’t assume that a single word has any reasonable length!).

But as I said it is challenging and really addictive. Think of it as Angry Birds for coders! And never – under any circumstances – let your current developers play with it, or your productivity levels will plummet to the ground!

However it is really a useful tool for recruiting. At first we were referring to it inside our job descriptions; something like “No CV required. Just go to, solve puzzle XXX and send us your answer in PHP”. But then we figured out we needed to move faster, so we got in touch with the guys at Coderloop and asked them to contact the best PHP coders on our behalf.

And we found precisely the right person to hire! So we are very happy to have this new addition to our team (until he joins us full time we cannot disclose his name) and we’re sure he will bring some of the amazing skills – in terms of creativity, problem analysis and computer science skills – that he showed everyone on CoderLoop!

Again, thank you guys for this amazing product!

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