Our Podcast Monetization Program Launches on Spotify!

Today’s the day you’ll start seeing a boost to your revenue! After working hard for the last few weeks to expand our Monetization Program to Spotify, we’re super excited to finally announce that it’s been enabled for all of our Pro podcasters to use.

What Does This Mean?

It’s super simple to start seeing the benefits of the addition of Spotify, if you’re already using our Monetization program you don’t need to do anything because now all of your ads will also be available to your listeners on Spotify. If you’re wondering what impact this could have on your earning potential, it’s difficult to predict as there’s currently no ‘Spotify Monetization Calculator’. However, Spotify is making massive gains internationally in the podcast industry and its potential audience keeps growing. To get an up-to-date overview, take a look at Voxnest’s monthly reports on the matter.

Where Is My Podcast Currently Being Monetized?

Now that Spotify has been enabled it means that Spreaker monetizes podcasts on all the podcast listening platforms: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, and any other popular platforms. Plus, monetization is also enabled across the whole Spreaker platform, therefore the podcast is also monetized when user listens on the Spreaker website, apps, downloads the episode or listens with the embedded player on your website.

Podcast Monetization Earnings

How Does The Monetization Program Work?

Whatever your level of podcasting, our program is a simple way for podcasters to profit from their content. All you need to do is enable it, add the slots (pre-, mid- or post-rolls) and you will start to earn! There’s no need for you to develop something like a specific Spotify monetization strategy or find sponsors on your own, we take care of it all, all you need to do is produce the best podcast possible. To learn more about the program you can read our dedicated post.

Monetization Advertising Podcast

Enable Your Podcast!

Don’t have the monetization program enabled? Do it now by accessing the CMS, clicking on Monetization option, checking and accepting the Terms of Service. Once done, pre- and post-rolls will be enabled automatically and you’ll be also able to insert mid-rolls to single episodes.

Good luck and make the most of your new potential!

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