Podcast, and They Will Follow: Spreaker Introduces Follower Tracking!

Statistics are vital to podcasting. They help you track your growth and (indirectly) guide your podcasting process and content. The more specific the stats, the better, and whenever new kinds of statistical data become available to podcasters, it’s like striking gold.

Which is where Spreaker has set its focus. We’re thrilled to launch a new data point that’s sure to make your mouth water: follower tracking!

The importance of statistics

Let’s bring it back to the basics, as It always bears repeating: statistics are essential, important – totally necessary. They’re hard facts that you can refer to again and again that give you a specific idea of who your audience is. Aside from a number of plays you get, stats tell you where listeners are from, how old they are, and what devices they’re tuning in from. And that’s a lot! With that info, you can put together a very specific idea of what your typical listener is like.

Think of it this way: it’s hard to create any kind of content without a target audience in mind, as that target will dictate the angle, language, and overall tone you’ll take on when approaching your podcast. Statistics can let you know if your podcast and target line up and help you hone those components further.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to actually earn money through your podcast, then detailed statistics will provide the crucial data you need to report to ad agencies or sponsors. They’ll know exactly what types of products or messages to advertise during your podcast and the kind of reach to expect.

What can your followers tell you?

With Spreaker’s new follower tracking, you’ve got yet another statistic in your toolbox to refer to, and there’s lots of value in that.

For one, you can trace spikes in followers back to actual episodes and marketing decisions.
Maybe that spike coincides with that amazing Ryan Gosling interview. Or perhaps it came right after that killer social media campaign.

Second, one could argue that your follower count is just as, if not more, important than your plays. Think about it: a play can come from anyone who stops by your podcast even once, but that listener may never come back. However – similarly to subscribing – someone who opts to follow you and your podcasts are committed. They want to find out more and plan on coming back. It also shows you’ve kept up all your promises on your end as a phenomenal podcaster: keeping up with high-quality content, a consistent schedule, and engaging material.

Lastly, follower info helps you get to know your audience well – like really well. A Spreaker follower is an actual person with a profile you can look at. So, whenever you see a sudden upshot in numbers, find out who else that follower follows and who follows them back, and discover a whole network of communities to tap into. It’s another dimension to your demographics that helps put a face to the play and potential leads in your outreach list.

How to track your followers

These new statistical gold nuggets can be found straight from Spreaker’s CMS, right in the Statistics section, though only if you have a Broadcaster plan or higher.

From Spreaker’s home page, access the drop-down menu on the top right, and select the Dashboard. From there, on the left-hand menu, select Statistics. You’ll find the Followers tab all the way on the right.

You’ll see your total amount of account followers on any given day and track their growth as time goes by.

Like what you see? Take a peep in your CMS to see the new development!

Want to add follower tracking to your dashboard? Upgrade now to the Broadcaster plan!

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