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Podcasting at a Crossroads, Dave Van Dyke, Bridge Ratings – Spreaker Live Show #44

Spreaker Live Show host and Head of Content Rob Greenlee discusses new controversial podcasting research calledPodcasting at a Crossroads“.  

This Spreaker Live Show #44 is from Feb 3rd, 2016 with guest Dave Van Dyke, President of Bridge Ratings and long-time radio industry station manager and consultant to the industry. Bridge Ratings provides guidance research services to media companies and investment firms seeking immediate and timely behavioral data related to media use.

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Show Discussion Topics:

  • Dave talks about his background in radio, podcast research and how you did this study?
  • Recent research report is titled “Podcasting at a Crossroads” that has the controversial conclusion!
  • Only about 10% of persons over the age of 12 have listened to a podcast in the last week
  • This number grows when considering younger consumers between the ages of 18 and 34
  • Why hasn’t consumption of podcasting audio grow faster?
  • Is Ease of Use the key issue?
  • Are Podcasts Too Long?
  • Why is Streaming the solution?
  • Download is where usage is mostly today because of iTunes!
  • Why aren’t podcasts streamed like music more?
  • Your research showed we should change the “Podcasting” name to On Demand Audio?
  • 64% did not know what the Podcast term means?
  • “Audio on demand” scored much better term for people understand?
  • How would podcast consumption grow by streaming them?
  • Your research shows a 40% growth potential 2016
  • Fine line differences between streaming and downloading in some usage situations?
  • How should podcasting move forward to unlock the potential?

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