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Podcasting Has Never Sounded Better: Here’s to 2015!

2015 has been an amazing year, with so much happening with us at Spreaker, as well as the podcasting community at large. It was a great year to become a podcaster, or learn how to be a better one, with new information and tips abound  –  many of which were featured on this very blog.

From the moment the podcasting seed was planted in your mind, we wanted to be there to help you out, step-by-step along the way.

We strived to provide a smoother experience in creating your podcast, working on Spreaker’s own tools and features. Getting down to the basics, Spreaker has always had the goal of being an easy podcast management platform, from the web-based console to the Spreaker Studio app for iOS and Android.

This year, we buckled down and expanded the podcasting experience with Spreaker Studio for desktop, available on Windows and iOS. If you need more reasons to love it, take a look here and here, where we showcase its ability to sync with Skype for call-ins as well as external gear like mixers and microphones. It’s yet another way to broadcast in a more professional way and in a more stable environment, and we couldn’t be happier about how our community has welcomed it.

Turning an idea into consumable content is not the easiest task, but we worked hard to gather tips that could help you out. One challenge this year was offering a more educational aspect to Spreaker where you, as podcasters, could take advantage of tips like how to start up your podcast, gain more listeners, and spread the word on social media. We sought to provide helpful information on our blog that you could reference to, and it’s just the first step towards a more complex effort we’d like to bring forth in 2016. It’s our goal to become an important resource to the podcasting community all around the world.

Why podcast if not to share your passion and ideas with others? There are lots of ways to bring your audio to current and new listeners, and one of our aims this year was to help listeners find and enjoy both your live as well as on-demand content. With the new Spreaker Podcast Radio app for Android, listeners can find and sort their favorite podcasts with ease. Shows can be favorited, listened to offline, and downloaded to be enjoyed anytime – an entirely new experience for Spreaker listeners that we’d like to bring to our web version in 2016.

2015 has been very important for us, setting new groundwork for what’s to come next year. Soon, we’ll introduce opportunities for you to earn money and monetize your content, so your passion can take on a whole new meaning in your life.

It was a great year, everyone, and we’re happy to have you with us!

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