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Podcasting: Trends With Benefits


Make no mistake, one of the biggest trends in both social and digital media right now is podcasting. Sure it’s been around for a decade now, but there is a rapidly growing mainstream audience that continues to embrace the ability to educate or entertain them in any location on almost any device.

Listeners are becoming more productive with their time and reaping the benefits as laborious tasks such as the commute, gym, housework or even a long flight can now be a perfect opportunity to learn more about any topic they can imagine.

As “new” media becomes the norm and audio information from an authentic voice can be enjoyed and even appearing in cars, there is no denying the appeal to podcast listeners. However, can this increasing trend offer any benefits to businesses and podcast producers? And how hard is it to get set up?

Getting setup is incredibly easy and you don’t need to be a techie to get up and running. If you can bring a microphone, an internet connection along with an authentic voice, then we here at Spreaker can help put you on the path to podcasting success that can bring a wealth of opportunities your way.


New Clients

By positioning your business as thought leaders within your industry and offering real tangible benefits to your customers, you will not only impress existing customers but encourage others to become your clients. Giving any future client an opportunity to hear the voice behind your product or company will help form a unique and meaningful relationship rather than just another cold non-customer facing corporate website.

Getting hold of a potential client and asking to meet up is notoriously difficult to achieve. By contrast, asking them for a brief interview through Skype that will feature on your podcast is incredibly easy, inexpensive and only takes a few minutes of their time.

The result is a rapport that can be transformed into a fantastic business opportunity. Even if you do not feel ready to commit fully to podcast creation, you can search for others in your niche right here on Spreaker and offer your services as a guest host to promote your business.


Increase Traffic To Your Website

There is an argument that podcasts were designed to increase traffic to your site, considering the use of an RSS feed to add content syndication to your website. This feed works silently to raise your online profile to help bring more customers and subscribers your way.

Your podcast show notes will be filled with keywords of categories and questions that your customers are searching for. The real beauty of this feature is that you will be able to see your website traffic increase before your eyes when you have a back catalogue of content that continues to direct traffic to your website while you sleep.

For example, an interview that is easy to setup as recording a phone call will generate respect from others in your field, and this unique content has the potential to bring  large quantities of traffic your way as listeners learn from your valuable content and share instantly.

If you have created, 50 podcasts that have well-detailed show notes your business will also rise up the search rankings and ultimately give you the edge over your competition, but its the increase in traffic that will be the most visible metric.

Increase Sales and Leads

The days of the pushy sales person are numbered, and most do not even responding either, but a positive digital footprint will serve you better than any employee aggressively selling or self-promoting.

Podcasting allows you stand out from your competitors and shine in a virtual spotlight in front of your customers and target audience.

When you have a full understanding and relationship with your target audience, you can begin tweaking existing products and services or create new ones based on the priceless knowledge discovered from actually talking to your customer base.

Evolving your business model to adapt to the changing needs of your customers is something that so many regimented businesses often struggle. Building relationships and increasing website traffic will naturally lead to increased sales and podcasting can be a tool to help make all this happen.


Increase Brand Awareness

Most small businesses struggle to make page one of Google’s search results. Even the more popular brands that hide behind faceless do not reply email addresses are presenting a problem for companies on both sides of the popularity fence.

With over one billion subscribers to Podcasts on iTunes alone and the relatively low number of people producing content when compared to written or video material. It’s much easier to increase your brand awareness with very little outlay.

A podcast allows your brand increased exposure to help it stand out from the crowd showcasing products with reasons to purchase and even upsell opportunities but through providing knowledge rather than a sales pitch.

Giving your brand, a human voice that can convey real meaning through tone and intonation will bring trust to your consumers. This connection with your audience will provide your business with a warm personality that will ensure your business brand shines brightly.

Become a Thought Leader to Increase Credibility

You know your industry better than anyone else, but are your present and future customers aware of this? Your podcast is the ideal platform to provide solutions to real problems in an authentic voice. This automatically positions your business as a thought leader within your industry that automatically catapults your credibility by default too.

Companies often confuse engagement with bombarding timelines, and Twitter feeds with links all about themselves while their customers are busy searching the internet for quick fixes to their problems. Is it any wonder that these opposites struggle with effective engagement?

A podcast allows you to showcase solutions to problems and engage directly with your customer base too. Offering value is much more appealing than selling to anyone that frequents your path on this journey we call life.

The podcast will only increase, and more businesses will begin to hop on board as it appears on other services such as Spotify later this year. By simply making the most of a microphone, a Skype account and an Internet connection you can utilize the power to talk to anyone and broadcast your message and solutions to the world.


Current trends suggest that there will less weekly posts that are over 30 minutes long and an increase of bite-sized daily podcasts that are more up-to-date and easier to digest. The beauty of Spreaker is that its one of the few platforms that allow you to broadcast a message completely live but also interact with your audience in real-time!

However, the biggest trend is how the power of one person representing a company in front of a microphone and broadcasting themselves to the world is quietly transforming the way in which individuals transform and grow their business.

Have you ever found yourself looking at vloggers with huge followings on You-Tube wondering why you didn’t get on board when you had the chance but feel you missed your chance? Well, life has offered you a second chance to produce content on a platform that has more people subscribing than there are creating content.

The big question is, are you going to seize the moment and make your voice heard, or are you going to let another opportunity pass you by? It’s time to throw caution to the wind and take a seat by the podcast fire, we are waiting for you.



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