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PodCon 2019 – What to See and Where to Be

Now in its second year, PodCon 2 has become an annual date in our diary and we can’t wait for this weekend’s event.

If you’re not already aware of PodCon 2 – get informed! Last year’s event impressed us so much – the quality of panels and speakers got us so excited for the podcasting industry. That’s why we decided to show our support to the event by becoming lead sponsors for this year’s meet, which is expecting over 3,000+ attendees.

The line-up for 2019’s 2-day festival is now online, and we recommend taking the time to take a look at all that is on offer. There are panels, workshops, exhibitors, meet and greets and live on-stage podcasts, to name just a few of the activities. However, most importantly, it’s a great opportunity to get out there and network with other podcasters and podcast fans in person.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on what not to miss, we’ve pulled together a list of our favorites from this year’s schedule.

In no particular order, here are some of our highlights:


Origin Stories – Taking place on both Saturday and Sunday (with participants including: Leila Day (co-host of The Stopp Podcast), Dylan Marron (voice of Welcome to Night Vale) and podcaster/writer Sarah Werner) this panel is where 5 podcasters talk about where their original ideas for their show came from. So, if you’re still looking for some inspiration for your podcast you should head down to get some insider tips!

Finding the Stories – These are podcasters (Kathy Tu and Roman Mars to name but two) who never fail to find an original story – a rare thing in the audio world! Listen to them speak about how they always manage to find a unique angle to every tale – hopefully it’ll help you create some totally one-off content.


DIY Sponsorships – Looking to take your podcast to the next level? Then this is the workshop for you! Learn how to write a knockout pitch, set prices and manage ad insertion with this workshop giving you the basics to profiting from your passion.  

The First 60 Seconds – Podcasters have such a short window for grabbing listeners’ attention – this workshop is tackling the problem. Bring the first 60 seconds of your last episode to the table and get constructive criticism (and praise!) from your peers! This is your chance to really grab listeners’ attention!

Creator Chat

Creator Chat’s are the perfect opportunity to pick the brains of people who have made a success of their podcast. 12 participants get the chance to sit down with creators to ask them questions in a relaxed setting.

Our Creator Chat pick is with Helen Zaltzman. 12 years ago Helen started podcasting from her living room – now her podcasts The Allusionist and Answer Me This have won multiple awards and even spawned book adaptations!

If you haven’t already got your ticket yet, make sure you do so via this link. When checking out be sure to add the discount code ‘Spreaker’ to get $10 off your pass.  Can’t attend the event? Not an issue. There are also ‘Remote Attendance’ passes for $40 which will give you access to all of the recorded PodCon 2 programming a few weeks after the real event.  

Enjoy this year’s PodCon 2 and if you’re attending the event in person come say hi to our team at booth number 26!

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