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#PodStories: From Star Wars Admirer to Facebook Fandom

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a young boy fell in love with a modern-day myth. Now, he is passing that love for Star Wars along to his two sons.

David Jesse’s first Star Wars memories were watching A New Hope on HBO; playing with 3.75” Luke Skywalker and Han Solo figures in his backyard; making lightsabers out of paper towel rolls, and picking his jaw up off the floor when he was given a Tie Fighter for Christmas. His family wasn’t the movie-going type, so he never had the privilege of seeing the Original Trilogy in theaters, but he definitely shook with disbelief when Darth Vader revealed that he was Luke’s father in the Empire Strikes Back.


David grew up with Star Wars, and it was during the Prequel Trilogy that his two sons, Samuel and Nathan were born. Although they were too young to see the Prequels in theaters, David always had a wish that they could someday see Star Wars in theaters together.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving Weekend 2014 when


The Force Awakens


teaser came out and something awakened in Sam and Nate. As David notes “I watched their faces when Finn stood up in his Stormtrooper armor; when Poe flew his X-Wing just feet across the water. They were in awe. But when they played that teaser again, and again, and again. I knew the Force was in them.”

In December 2017, after a failed YouTube show attempt, David and his two sons plopped a Yeti Blue microphone onto the kitchen table of their townhouse in California and recorded the first episode of

Tatooine Sons: A Star Wars Podcast

and uploaded it on Spreaker


A few weeks later, they were invited to IMAX Headquarters in Hollywood for a special screening of The Last Jedi with 100 other fans, followed by a Q&A with the film’s writer/director, Rian Johnson.

When Nathan asked Rian: “What’s the name of the porg on the Millennium Falcon?” their

Star Wars

fandom was launched into hyperspace. Not only did Rian agree on the idea for the unnamed porg, but Terbus – the porg named by Nathan – ended up making an appearance in three 2019 issues of Star Wars Adventures, a comic book series.

According to David, “

Star Wars

has brought Sam, Nate and I closer together. It’s given me a natural way to share stories of good and evil, right and wrong, life and death – to restore the balance of the Force – with my sons.” Not only has the podcast served as a way to connect with fellow Star Wars fans, but it’s also been an incredible way for the father and sons to connect. David credits the podcast for cracking the door to meaningful conversations that he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to naturally discuss with his sons.

And as the podcast continued to grow over the last year, it also caught the eye of Facebook and presented the father and sons with an incredible opportunity. On May 4 (the unofficial “Star Wars Day), Tatooine Sons officially launched its Facebook Watch series with a live event. In partnership with Facebook, they’ll produce a total of 10 video episodes of their podcast. Check out the first pre-recorded show here:


In the


press release


that announced the partnership, Facebook Watch shared that their “goal with this is to incubate the video ecosystem by working with partners like Tatooine Sons to build a predictable programming calendar. Facebook enables and gives partners the freedom to experiment and flex in the ways they know best.”

That’s exactly what they’re allowing Tatooine Sons to do; showcase their love of Star Wars and their podcast community in a brand new way.

Catch the video versions of the podcast on-demand on Facebook Watch each Monday at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT




. And, listen to the podcast version of the show here


on Spreaker



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