Promoting Your Podcast on LinkedIn to Build Authority

LinkedIn may not be your first choice with you think about promoting a podcast and getting listeners, but done correctly you will see an increase in listens, downloads and overall user interaction via this widely overlooked platform.

I’m sure you’re curious; how do I upload a podcast to LinkedIn? I’m glad you asked. LinkedIn added a feature in 2014 that now allows all its users to publish blog style content directly to their LinkedIn profile. To learn more about LinkedIn Pulse head over to LinkedIn Help. For the purposes of this post, we’re going to pretend you already understand the basics of LinkedIn Pulse.

Let’s navigate over to your Spreaker episodes listing:


Next choose a file to edit and look over to the far right side of the screen where you’ll see the link for “Automatic Share”. This link allows you to share your episode to YouTube or Soundcloud.

Next click on the red “Publish” button:


That’s going to publish your episode to YouTube. When it’s finished processing and ready on YouTube it looks like this:


From here is where the fun happens on LinkedIn that will lead to more people listening to your podcast. Navigate to your LinkedIn profile and look for the Publish a Post button.

Once your post is open, this part is like any other blogging platform. Select an attractive image for the header image that will grab attention. Then start writing your show notes or details about when the reader might be interested in the content. I always add at least a couple of small paragraphs here. Next add your podcast via the YouTube upload you made earlier.

Just grab the embed iframe code which can be found under “Share the Embed”. Just copy the code and head back over to LinkedIn and your blog post.

Click on the small play button in the editor and you will see the following text in a pop-up:

You can add media from YouTube, SlideShare, Vimeo, Ted, Livestream, or Getty images by including their <embed> here

Paste the code you copied from YouTube and click “Add Media”.

Once you do that your YouTube video, which is your podcast that was converted and uploaded to YouTube, has now been embedded into your post on LinkedIn. This is super exciting because depending on how many people you have following you this message gets sent to them directly:


You can have more people following you than you have connections on LinkedIn so don’t let my number intimidate you. Once you start publishing articles on a regular basis your followers will increase.

From just publishing podcast episodes to LinkedIn I’ve received, of course, more requests from influencers to appear on my podcast. Business owners that want coaching on how to do their own podcast and offers for speaking engagements to talk about effective ways to market on LinkedIn. Most importantly I’ve seen a great increase in listens and plays on my Spreaker channel.

If you want to see examples of what the post look like feel free to visit my profile on LinkedIn.

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