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Q&A on Podcasting with John Lee Dumas


Podcast Movement is just around the corner and we’re thrilled to be there among the podcasting giants.

Before we head out to the world’s largest podcasting conference, we’ve asked some podcasting rock stars to a answer a few of our questions. You’ll be seeing these guys there, too, taking the stage at the industry’s most anticipated event.

John Lee Dumas is the first expert to kindly reply to my questions, and he’s given us his dos and don’ts on podcasting.

A few words that best describe who you are.

I am the host of EntrepreneurOnFire, a daily podcast interviewing today’s most inspiring and successful Entrepreneurs. EntrepreneurOnFire has been awarded best of iTunes and generates over 1 Million unique listens and over $250,000 in revenue per month.

How did you get into podcasting?

As a consumer of Podcasts for 3 years, I saw a void in the marketplace for a daily show that shared the journey of successful Entrepreneurs. I wanted that type of show, so I decided to follow Gandhi’s words and ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’

3 tips you’d give to those interested in starting a podcast

Figure out what is going to be your UVD: Unique Value Distinguisher. What is going to make your Podcast different?

Create your Avatar, that one perfect listener for your show.

Make sure you create a consistent release schedule that you will be able to stick to after you launch. Consistency is everything!


3 terrible mistakes a podcaster should avoid

Copying other shows formats

Not being your authentic self 

Not speaking directly to your avatar on every episode.

One tip or advice on how to make money with your podcast

Sponsorships. Find a company that is going to want to be in front of your listeners and reach out to them with the opportunity. I have an in depth article on this topic here.

How can businesses use podcasts to be more successful?

Businesses can use Podcasts to make a more intimate connection with their potential clients by sharing value that will separate the credibility and authority of that business with the competitors in the space that are not proving the same level of value, or making as intimate a connection. 

How can podcasting help marketers?

Podcasting allows marketers to leverage the massive directories (iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Spotify) that have a huge user base looking for specific content. Marketers can rank for their key words, and get in front of an audience that otherwise would never have found them.

What do you expect from the Podcast Movement? 

Podcast Movement will be the #1 gathering spot for Entrepreneurs who understand the value of the Podcasting medium, and want to share best practices and the latest tips, tools and tactics that are working now.

Where do you see podcasting in 3 years?

I think Podcasting is still in its infancy, and in 3 years I believe over 50% of the US population will have an understanding of what a Podcast is, and that will be an absolute game-changer!

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