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Q&A on Podcasting with Lou Mongello


Next week we’ll be heading towards the Podcast Movement, where we’ll have quite the busy schedule between being involved in various panels and live streaming thanks to our own Rob Greenlee.

Francesco Baschieri, Spreaker’s founder and CEO, will be presenting the session “Fear, Energy and Power of Live Audio Streaming“,  and Rob Greenlee is currently scheduled as moderator for the panel discussion “Podcasting: Present, Past and Future” as well as be participating in “Podcasts Advertising Standards“.

We’ll keep you informed on our every move, but in the meantime we had the chance to talk to another podcasting giant set to take the stage in Forth Worth.

Lou Mongello, with his more than 10 years of podcasting experience, brings us our second round of Q&As as we wait for the Podcast Movement to begin.

A few words that best describe who you are 

Former attorney who turned his passion into his profession and is now a Disney expert, author, host, speaker, podcaster, coach and entrepreneur.

How did you get into podcasting?

I began in 2005 when I first heard of it, and quickly realized how much more powerful the spoken word was over anything I could put on paper or in a post.

3 tips you’d give to those interested in starting a podcast

Find something you are passionate about (you need to be able to sustain it and your audience can hear if you’re faking); be patient (it takes time to find your voice, grow and build a business and brand); stop worrying about numbers and money (do the show that you love about what you love – the audience and growth will come organically over time).

One software or piece of gear you would recommend

Roland R-05. I’ve had one for years.

3 terrible mistakes a podcaster should avoid

Worrying about the download numbers; having a sense of entitlement i.e. “I’ve been podcasting for 6 months so where’s my money?!” – it takes, time, work, patience and sacrifice to build an audience, brand and business; spending too much time looking over their shoulder – don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. Do the show YOU would want to listen to and worry about the audience you already have (stop worrying about growth – focus on the people who are already listening).

One tip or advice on how to make money with your podcast

Diversify! Creating multiple opportunities and content mediums creates multiple revenue streams.

Your opinion on the Serial Effect

While I think it may have made many people who still didn’t know what a podcast was aware of it, I think the greater benefit is that it opened the eyes of some content creators and advertisers about the enormous possibilities of podcasting as a business.

How can businesses use podcasts to be more successful?

Any business has the opportunity to reach their customers, fans and clients in an extremely intimate, affordable way. They can tell stories, build brand equity, and grow community in a way no other medium or platform can.

Where do you see podcasting in 3 years?

It will continue to grow in popularity and ease of consumption. As we get closer to “one-button” access in cars and on mobile, awareness will continue to increase. The business models for podcast sponsorships and monetization is about to reach unprecedented levels, as media buyers recognize the incredibly loyal, engaged audiences that established, trusted influencers are creating.


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