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Q&A with Josh Muirhead of SocialMark Media

Josh Muirhead of SocialMark Media gave us a great interview on what’s new in podcasting and social media, and making the best of those mediums in order to share great content. Here’s some pointers of what we have:

Who he is: Josh Muirhead is the owner, founder, and president of SocialMark Media, a corporate training firm based on digital marketing and innovation where he provides strategic development training to his clients.

How he got into the social media: simply because his former boss at a marketing firm asked him to. Back when Facebook was still “The Facebook,” Josh’s boss asked if he knew anything about online and social media. There he found a world blossoming, of sharing and developing different stories, and he saw the connection in the nature of such sites and marketing. Marketing is all about sharing a story, and it’s free via social media.

Thoughts on podcasting and making good content: Loves it and is getting back into it. With the introduction of mobile platforms it’s developing quickly. It’s a very interesting way of creating content that is difficult but rewarding, and it may have a resurgence in 2012-13. Podcasting does have its weaknesses – it’s a light medium, with not much in terms of video and pictures to leverage it, so we have to work harder at the content. It must be good, and even planning ahead, like having questions in front of you, helps since you just can’t jump in out of nowhere. Conduct interviews, add other content, or use software to meld different mediums together. Don’t forget titles, either! They are a mostly overlooked detail that is so important. It should be descriptive enough to grab someone’s attention, and is especially important when it comes to attracting newcomers.

How content has context: Knowing what your goals are when using different mediums helps give you and idea of your context in social media. Podcasting is deeper than light conversation, longer, gives you the opportunity to read different things on air, and you already know who you want to be speaking to. For example Josh communicates to other marketers and advertisers, those he has built relationships with, and those who are simply interested in such content. If if someone is not an expert but interested, the questions they offer can help shape your content.

Favorite social media tips: As Gary Vaynerchuck says, “carry your face off,” also known as be passionate about the content you share. If you’re simply phoning it in, you’ll have trouble engaging the listener. Even if you’re not an expert, being passionate will keep fans tuned in.

Also use leverage, podcasting can be a bit of an isolating medium, so getting your name out there means talking to fellow podcasters and requesting interviews with them – it’s a great way to bring fans to each others’ shows. You don’t have to go for just the big names, either, simply look to the community and see who is more or less on your level. You want to gain insights from each other.

And of course, make sure your ducks are in a row: It may sound obvious, but make sure any linking you do works. It seems a minor detail, but a link that leads to the wrong page or is broken will cost you listeners.

What’s coming up in the social media/podcasting horizon: New platforms like Pinterest are coming out. Pinterest is interesting in that it opened up the graph of taking pictures and sharing them, and following users with the content you like. It plays into what our visual society is interested in and how we still like to watch things. There may even be room in this kind of space for new platforms to come in or old ones to develop.

We’ll also be defining more specifically which platforms we choose to use. We’ll go from numerous social media sites to fewer ones simply based on what can show off what you do best, and what stresses out the least.

In terms of podcasting, we’ll see more shows coming out on different topics (whereas now we’re flooded with tech and digital shows), and platforms will become easier to use.

Even different events coming up are showing a shift in making sights way more straightforward. Those who are not as comfortable using technology will now get their chance to shine.

Thanks so much for your insight, Josh!

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