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Q&A with Lou Mongello of WDW Radio

Lou Mongello is a Disney expert, and is host and producer of WDW Radio – the Walt Disney World information station. Among other things he also hosts live weekly videos and chats, authors Disney trivia books, and founded the Dream Team Project, raising money for the Make a Wish Foundation to send sick children to Walt Disney World. He is a perfect example of what niche podcasting is, and how expanding into different mediums makes you more accessible to your audience. He are some quick bullet points on what he had to say and what he’s all about:

  • Lou got into podcasting in 2005, just after coming out with his first book about Disney in 2003. Quickly realizing what a powerful medium podcasting is, and how much emotion can be conveyed through the spoken word, he took to the technology quickly. Though it was still new, he saw its potential, and has been a steady podcaster ever since, missing only one week of broadcasting in the past 7 years.
  • Though his subject may sound limited at first, he’s always been able to keep the material fresh. There’s so much to cover in so many different ways, from vacation planning, reviews, interviews, as well discussing Disney from a historical standpoint. Disney is always evolving, and so luckily there is always something new to cover.
  • You can attract listeners by producing quality content people can easily consume. Lou himself produces his content in various ways like CDs, printed magazines, videos, as well as audio content that can be downloaded. Being an active presence, and going to where your audience is in the social media world, is just as important. It’s about creating a two-way conversation and if the listener feels as if they’re a part of something, they will gravitate to you. Build it and they will come, just show them how to get there.
  • What he’s anticipating in the podcasting world: Live video broadcasting seems to have really exploded, especially since it’s so easy to create as well as consume. You can set up from anywhere, tweet what you are doing, and people will come to be a part of it, to listen and give feedback. Again, it’s a two-way conversation. Also, we’re seeing Youtube videos becoming available on TV, pushing that interactivity forward and giving fans a real sense of community.
  • Users should really think about their motivations to podcast. Ask yourself: Why am I podcasting? What am I getting into it for? If it’s just to get rich quick, it’s not for you. For Lou, it’s all about what he calls the Multiples of P. BeĀ passionate about your content, because you can’t fake it, your listeners will be able to tell. Also be patient and persistent. If you’re striving to become bigger, to expand your business and monetize, just know it will not happen overnight. Stay positive, and believe in the content you are creating. Learn, adapt, and be aware of what your audience wants – what they like and don’t like. Ultimately, just be your yourself and don’t worry about what others are doing. Create the best content you can, and the audience and friends will come, and eventually the revenue will too.

Thanks Lou, it was great!

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