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Q&A with Wendy Wagoner of Voiceigniters.com

Wendy of Voiceigniters.com has true-blue radio experience behind her belt, and now uses it to teach new and upcoming broadcasters important skills on approaching a microphone and monetizing content. Check out her interview on how to earn your stripes in broadcasting.

Hi Wendy, can you introduce yourself?

Let me first say thank-you for letting me be a guest on Spreaker’s Blog! I started in the radio business in 1984. I was studying Radio/Television Broadcasting at California State University, Fresno and worked overnights at KYNO AM. I graduated with a BA in Radio/Television Communications in 1985 and moved back home to Santa Rosa, Ca. My first full time gig was at KMGG… I was so excited to have my own show! Now I teach Broadcast Performance at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo, Ca. Recently, I launch VoiceIgniters.com, an online 4 week short course jammed packed with everything a person should know about professional online broadcasting and generating revenue.

A true radio veteran! How did you start your experience as a broadcaster?

I started out working the overnight shift (12mid to 6am) while still attending college. It was quite the balancing act working difficult hours and attending classes…but I loved radio and was willing to work any shift just to get my foot in the door at a radio station. Working the overnight shift was a great way to “learn the ropes”.  I always tell my students…if you want a career in broadcasting you must be willing to work at any station that will hire you. You must be reliable and available for any opportunities that come your way! You have to “earn your stripes” before you can hit the airwaves!

Great advice! What does it mean to you to teach young people how to broadcast?

Teaching broadcast performance has got to be one of my greatest joys in life! I’ve been to “the top of the mountain” in broadcasting and now I get to pay it forward. I now have a successful formula in bringing out the best in my students. Students are always telling me how much they’ve learned about using their voice. Their self confidence blossoms! They can’t wait to start their own online talk show or music show! For myself, there’s nothing better than to hear one of my students flying solo on the Internet and doing it professionally.

And it should definitely be satisfying as well. What inspired you to start an online course in becoming a broadcaster?

I’ve had such great success teaching Broadcasting at the community college level. I decided it was time to branch out on my own. I did some Internet research and discovered two facts about online broadcasting…1) There are thousands of young people broadcasting online.  2) Only a fraction of those young people have any broadcasting skills. So, I designed an online course that is robust in broadcast content, it’s very affordable and it only takes 4 weeks.

On what fundamental points do you focus your course on?

VoiceIgniters.com focuses on the 4 most important areas of online broadcasting to increase your audience and generate revenue:

1. The Internet, Microphones, and Spreaker.com

2. Talent Development

3. Programming elements and the importance of program flow

4. Effective promotion to generate revenue

After 4 weeks of instruction, you will be ready to professionally launch your show on the Internet!

I also provide an option of 4 more weeks of professional critique of your online broadcast.

Great! We look forward to hearing from some of your students (wink)! What do you think is currently missing in the podcasting world?

When I started researching podcasting, I found that there was very little professional training available. I also found that any training that was available was way overpriced for most young people. My goal with VoiceIgniters.com is to educate and inspire online broadcasters to follow their passion without costing a fortune.

Lastly, anything you’d like to share with the Spreaker’s community?

I want to thank Spreaker.com for letting me talk to your community! If you are ready to take the first step in having a professional presence on Spreaker.com, let Voiceigniters.com change the way you broadcast forever. Most importantly, after nearly 30 years in radio broadcasting, I know how to develop talent and add a professional sound to your show.

As a gift to the Spreaker community, I would like to give each member 10 free videos of the top questions people ask about online broadcasting and what you really need to know about online broadcasting to be a successful show host.

All you need to do is go to www.voiceigniters.com/landing and enter your information in the form. You’ll receive a link to your 10 free videos. Don’t worry, VoiceIgniters.com won’t send you any spam and you can opt-out anytime! If you have any questions about VoiceIgniters, please feel free to email me at: voiceigniters@gmail.com

I wish you all the best of luck and encourage you to always follow your passion!

Thanks so much Wendy!

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