Set up multiple shows with your Spreaker account!

Perhaps many of you didn’t know that you can have as many shows as you want on Spreaker with your own account, no matter what plan you’ve chosen.

Having more shows gives you the chance to organize your content by different topics, giving your profile the feel of a real radio channel, with multiple programs that can satisfy the needs of a big audience. Each show has its own URL and RSS feed link that can be distributed to other platforms as well as shared on social media and sites.

If you already have a show on Spreaker and you’d like to create a new one, follow these simple steps:

1) Click on the “new” button, as shown towards the bottom of the image:


2) Give a name to the new show, choose an image, and then click on the Create button:


Your new show is now ready for its first broadcast! Add a description and a cover image to create a stylish page, and start filling the new show with great episodes.

Happy broadcasting!

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