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New Spreaker Enterprise feature

Since last January’s launch of Spreaker Enterprise – the ultimate podtech solution that connects publishers and advertisers (plus a lot more!) – we’ve been busy simplifying the management and monetization of audio departments for companies like Vanity Fair (Italy and Spain), HBO (Latin America) and Red Bull… just to name a few! While we develop customized (yet very scalable) technology for each Spreaker Enterprise client, we’re always working to provide an even more robust set of baseline features. That’s exactly why we’re thrilled to introduce our new private podcast RSS feed feature!

What’s the Limited RSS Feed feature do?

Our Limited RSS Feed feature gives publishers and podcasters the ability to share a private RSS feed with their audience – across many third party apps and on Spreaker – as a way to monetize bonus content that’s not available in their public feeds

How can this benefit publishers and big podcasters?

With this feature, you have the ability to make exclusive content for a special subset of listeners. For instance, you can create private episodes or an entirely private podcast for your paying listeners – perhaps via a service like Glow or Patreon – and distribute it to third party listening apps. Or it can be an extremely useful tool when you’re looking to share pilot episodes or podcasts with media outlets or potential sponsors.   In the same way that video publishers – such as Netflix, Hulu and Apple TV+ – make exclusive content for paying customers, you can do the same, except it’s even easier for your listeners to tune in because the podcasts will be available wherever your audience is most comfortable listening. 

How is this different from Episode Visibility?

If you’re an existing Spreaker Enterprise client, you might be wondering how this is different from the existing Episode Visibility feature on Spreaker’s CMS. In short, the difference is where your listeners can tune into the special RSS feed. The existing Episode Visibility feature allows listeners to tune into individual episodes and podcasts on (and via the embedded Spreaker player), whereas this new Private RSS Feed feature gives you the ability to share your special content on third party apps such as Apple Podcasts, Podcast Addict, Overcast, Pocket Cast, and others.

How can you enable the feature?

As an existing Spreaker Enterprise user, you can simply set your desired content to “Limited Access” before distributing to your favorite third party apps.  Not a Spreaker Enterprise user yet? We can give you a demo in order to see how this feature – and many others – can be at your fingertips in no time. This is just one tool that we offer our Spreaker Enterprise clients in order to take their monetization to the next level! If your department or podcast is looking for a system that can manage their workflow from A to Z, this is set. Join or upgrade to a Broadcaster Plan to begin using this feature.

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  1. If someone has access to the Private RSS one month as a subscriber….how do we ensure that they don’t have access to it in future months when they are not a subscriber?

    • Hello, thank you so much for this question. Unfortunately, our customer support team does not monitor the comments of this blog so if you’d like an answer to your question, I would recommend that you send an email to

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