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Spreaker at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia

This year the International Journalism Festival in Perugia (Italy) celebrates its tenth birthday and we’ll be there to help them blow out the candles. We’re pretty excited because we’ll also be part of two panels, one with CEO Francesco Baschieri on podcasting as a distinct medium, and another with one of our podcasters, Chiara Beretta Mazzotta (BookBlister Radio), who will be a panelist in a talk about the future of web radio.

Here’s all the info about the panels:

Podcast: the birth of a new medium

Francesco Baschieri (CEO Spreaker)
Nick Quah (founder and writer Hot Pod)
Alessia Cerantola (co-founder IRPI)
Gaia Manco (freelance journalist)
Barbara Schiavulli (journalist and author)

In this panel podcasting will be explored as a distinct medium: what are the styles, techniques, and challenges? How do podcast networks and platforms work? Is it possible to be a professional podcaster? How do podcasters reach their audience? News, entertainment, investigative journalism, fiction: are they different on a podcast?

#SocialRadio: the web, smartphones and the future of radio news

Chiara Beretta Mazzotta (BookBlister Radio; speaker at Radio 105)
Stefano Chiarazzo (founder Social Radio Lab)
Fulvio Giuliani (RTL 102.5)
Sara Zambotti (Caterpillar RAI Radio 2)

From live debates on light topics to live witness accounts of citizens facing an emergency: how are Italian radio stations taking advantage of social networks’ opportunities to involve listeners in content creation? One advantage of web and mobile technologies is that they enable everyone to produce audio content and distribute it to the most interested communities. What and how will the role of web radio and podcasts develop in the Italian media landscape? This will be discussed based on the data provided by the Social Radio Lab and, above all, based on the experiences of those who have lived through this evolution: journalists and radio hosts on FM and web radio.

Will you be there? If yes, come meet us! Otherwise stay updated by following us on Twitter or the hashtag #ijf16

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