Spreaker BBQ Sauce – The Full Recipe

You may say that nothing beats a simple burger on a warm summer evening. Actually, there’s better than that: tasty, savory, tender grilled meat marinated in the best BBQ sauce ever. What’s better than that? Nothing at all!

So, this 4th of July, elevate your culinary barbecue skills and astonish the entire neighborhood with the best, most fragrant, and tastiest grilled meat ever by following our recipe step by step. No worries: it’s been approved! We tried it (and enjoyed it) during our last company retreat!

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250g Tomato puree

100g Onion

100g Mustard

50g Vinegar

50g Sugar (white)

50g Butter

23g Tomato concentrate

1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

Hot chili pepper

White and black pepper


Tabasco sauce


Remember to choose high-quality ingredients (especially the tomato sauce). It’s the basis you need to get a good result!


  1. Cut the onion into very small pieces.
  2. In a pan, very slowly brown the onions with butter.
  3. Pour the vinegar into the pan, and continue browning for 30 minutes (on a low flame).
  4. Add the tomato puree and concentrate, mustard, sugar, hot chili pepper, and pepper (the quantity depends on how spicy you want the sauce) and cook for 3 hours. If the sauce gets too dry, add water.
  5. Add the Worcestershire sauce (1 tabelspoon) and Tabasco sauce (10/15 drops), and salt according to your taste.
  6. Voila! The sauce is ready!

Pro Tip

We recommend you marinate pork ribs for at least 24h with the Spreaker BBQ sauce. Then throw it on the grill: great results are guaranteed!

That’s it! Now go on and spread the taste!


This recipe was originally posted and made with love by our CTO Marco Pracucci.

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