Spreaker Enterprise Launches First Set of Customizable Features

Earlier this year, we unveiled Spreaker Enterprise, the ultimate podcast solution for big editorial teams to effortlessly manage their publishing workflow and audio advertising operations. In the months since its launch, we’ve been busy onboarding and providing custom solutions to our larger media publishers, brands and B2B customers.

As the platform continues to grow, so does its capacity for customizable offerings. One of our existing Spreaker users’ favorite features is the embedded web player, as it makes sharing your podcast a breeze. Since it serves as a native listening platform, users love the ease of embedding the web player on their websites and in their mobile apps.  

With a feature that makes marketing your podcast episodes so easy, we decided to add a few more customizable bells and whistles to the web player:

  • If your company or and content network has a strong brand identity, then you’ll love the new ability to customize the web player’s look and feel. No matter where the web player is embedded, it will fit right in with your existing brand aesthetic.
  • Once you’ve adjusted and customized the web player to look and function how you want, the web player editor will remember your most recent settings. No matter how many times you share the player, you’ll never have to duplicate your efforts in creating the perfectly branded web player. 
Example of customized embedded web player from Sky News

In case you were wondering, there’s a whole lot more where that came from. We’re working hard on additional customizable solutions for our Spreaker Enterprise users — keep your eyes peeled. 

Sign up or upgrade your existing Spreaker plan to any of our Enterprise options to access all the new benefits, or feel free to contact us about a custom solution with Enterprise!

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  1. This is all fantastic.
    I’m constantly dizzied by the new posts and developments that Spreaker creates and publishes.
    I’d love some sort of concierge service I could pay for where there’s a VA (virtual assistant) that sees all these posts and takes care of it for me.
    I literally do not have any of the time or skills needed to make these improvements to my show, my site and my life.
    Please consider this possibility.
    Thank you,
    Dave Kanyan

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