Spreaker Enterprise Users Can Now Exclude Ad Categories

When we launched Spreaker Enterprise in January, we had one goal in-mind: Create the ultimate podcast solution for big editorial teams like media publishers and content networks so they can effortlessly manage their audio advertising operations and publishing workflow. 

Part of the solution’s appeal is the user-friendly dynamic ad insertion function that allows our podcasters and publishers to focus on where ads should appear (down to the precise millisecond), and then we take care of the rest

And while it can be that simple (and plenty of folks leave it at that), we understand that some of our users want more control over their listeners’ ad experience. We like the confidence, and we’re here to support it… Which is why we’re thrilled to introduce a new feature that allows Enterprise users to keep the ad categories they want and exclude the IAB categories they don’t want. 

If your brand or organization is looking for a way to manage programmatic ads for reasons related to company policies, brand safety or existing exclusivity deals, this feature is exactly what you’ve been searching for. For example, if you’ve already signed an advertising deal with BMW, who wants to be the only car ad on your podcast, you can easily exclude all other car buying/selling advertisements. Or, maybe your company is bipartisan and uninterested in taking a political stance; that’s no problem, because it’s easy to exclude all ads related to politics.

This is just one piece of the customization puzzle that makes being a Spreaker Enterprise customer so great. Join or upgrade to a Station Plan, then get in touch directly with our customer care team to enable the feature.

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