Spreaker is on Google+ with a Customized Page!


At Spreaker we support our community and try to give you guys lots of channels through which you can follow us, find out about new updates, and generally interact with us outside of the platform.

We’ve made our way to various social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, and now we’re ecstatic to tell you we’ve got a brand-spanking new Google+ page!

Of course, we couldn’t just create just any old page, so we’ve added our own personal touch, something the other social networking sites don’t allow you to do. We’ve developed a hacked page with a slideshow, and by clicking through the default picture you can see it in action, adding a little extra punch to our page.

Adding a slideshow is eye-catching and fun, and it’s something we encourage you guys who are tech savvy, or at least comfortable with hacking, to do. Give your podcast maximum exposure by creating it’s own Google+ page, and customize it like we have. Just like your personal site, Facebook, and Twitter, Google+ gives your fans a place to go when you’re not on the air, and let you show off some extra pop and personality.

Come on over to our page, and let us into your circles. If you like it, share it with the hashtag #bestg+pages!

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