Spreaker is sponsoring the Web Radio Festival in Rome!


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More than one hundred years ago, the Italian scientist and inventor Guglielmo Marconi developed the first effective radio communication system. In 1901, he successfully sent wireless signals across the Atlantic Ocean, disproving the dominant belief of the Earth’s curvature affecting transmission.

Many years have passed since that first amazing scientific discovery, and now that Web Radio Festival is about to start in Rome, I can already anticipate that magic feeling I’ll get on meeting Elettra Marconi, the daughter of the man who can be considered the Father of Radio.

The Web Radio Festival which takes place next Sunday, June 14th, is an event completely dedicated to the World of Web Radio and its channels. We’ll be there discussing its advantages as well as its difficulties, its related content, and how it caters to a specific market together with some of Italy’s most important players in the industry. Our Community Manager, Tonia Maffeo, will do a workshop on how to create a successful web radio on Spreaker by showing the audience the platform’s best case histories.

It will be a 12 hour marathon of workshops, conferences, contests, and opportunities to discuss the web radio trend. All available information can be found here, and the official hashtag is #WRF15.

See you down at the Colosseum!

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