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Spreaker Live Show #3 featuring Jared Easley, Doing Your Homework and Engaging Your Listeners

Presented by Rob Greenlee, Head of Content, Spreaker, today’s show ‘Doing Your Homework and Engaging Your Listeners’  featured the co-host guest Jared Easley, Host of “Starve the Doubts” podcast and is also co-founder and organizer of PodcastMovement.com conference in Fort Worth, TX July 31-Aug 2nd, 2014.

Podcasting News of the Week
Producer Tip of the Week : Picking a Podcast Show Format
Listener Q & A of the Week: we will discuss Spreaker Podcaster “Truth On Tap” show host Kevin Kierstead comments on “Core Elements of a Successful Podcast” in episode 2
Interview Guest: Bertrand Pecquerie CEO of The GEN Summit (Global Editors Network) Starting earlier today in Barcelona, Spain – Prototyping the Future of News – June 17-19 –

Subtitle: Podcast events are growing in popularity, scope and frequency.

Description: Did you know that 7 is the number of podcasts new podcasters have before falling into the pod-fade pit? This episode of Spreaker Live is a treasure trove of tips for new and experienced podcasters. Find out what’s going on with Apple Music for Android, where the next big podcast event will be and what formats you can use to engage your listeners and stay in the podcast game for the long haul. Make an investment in your show and listen to Rob every Wednesday for news and advice about the world of podcasting on Spreaker Live.

Key Takeaways:
[1:14] An emotional hobby podcast with 200 + episodes
[2:26] The Podcast Movement Conference #2
[3:09] Podcasting past, present and future
[3:58] We support podcasters at Spreaker Live Show
[6:20] Apple Music Radio App on Android
[7:04] The same Apple podcast experience on Android?
[8:38] What does this mean for podcasters?
[10:12] Podcast Lollapalooza – July 29th
[10:52] Is Cast Party for podcast listeners?
[12:25] Is Shaq’s podcast as big as he is?
[13:22] The new design for Spreaker
[14:10] Pick a podcast format, for there are many
[15:48] I got important guests but there was no “share” love
[17:02] What did work was knowing my ideal listener
[18:04] Collaboration increases the likelihood of success
[18:27] Get help with editing, show notes or uploading
[19:39] Your listener becomes family
[20:52] Pre-recorded interviews and editing
[22:07] It takes a special person to do a solocast
[24:13] The animal house funcast
[25:32] Listener comment of the week from Kevin Kierstead
[28:45] Trolls – Don’t bash them back
[30:35] Is all feedback helpful?
[32:13] But it is a performance
[36:00] Podcasting adds credibility to your cause
[37:11] High production value through art & intro’s

Interview – Bertrand Pecquerie of GEN Summit – Prototyping the future of news
[40:27] Global Editors Network
[42:25] Previous conferences focused on drone and robot journalism
[42:53] 2015’s conference focus is virtual reality, augmented reality and wearables
[44:06] Podcasting as a news outlet
[45:23] Sounds and voices are very important in the news environment

Starve the Doubts
Podcast Movement
Google Auto
Reply All
Cast Party
Welcome to Night Vale
Air-raid podcast
The BIG podcast with Shaq
Spreaker Blog
The if I were you
Geek News Central
Relevant Magazine
For Truth on Tap
GEN Summit
Want to increase your podcast subscriptions? Every Wednesday invest in your podcast future with Spreaker Live.
What format are you using for your podcast? Does it fit well with the message you want to send?
Will radio have problems when transitioning to podcasts due to it’s “animal house” type format?

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