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Spreaker Live Show #36: Overcoming Podcasting Fear: Mur Lafferty, Podcast Hall of Famer

mur-222x444In this weeks pre-recorded “Spreaker Live Show episode #36, I speak to writer, 11-year podcasting veteran and inaugural inductee to the Podcast Hall of Fame Mur Lafferty.  She talks about her current podcast shows “I Should Be Writing” and “Ditch Diggers” that are on Spreaker and shares her thoughts about a writers’ life from the standpoint of a beginner and a pro, respectively.

Mur has won several other podcasting and writing awards, including the Parsec Award and the John W. Campbell Award.  Her website is at murverse.com and she edits the new magazine Mothership Zeta from Escape Artists at mothershipzeta.org

– Fear is a big part of podcasting and she shares how she adapted to it and faced it
– How she thinks podcasting has changed in 11 years
– How has podcasting changed your life?
– She shares what it was like to be inducted into the Podcast Hall of Fame at Podcast Movement
– She tells us about the podcast shows she creates today and content production setup
– What is important today for a new content producer to understand before starting a new show?
– Recorded a screen capture video demo made of the new Spreaker Podcast Radio app for Android
New updated Spreaker Studio app for Windows/Mac added microphone volume boost and limiting
– Show Promo for “The Doug Stewart Show” of the Adore.fm Podcast Network

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