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Spreaker Live Show #38: Podcasting in Europe, Karin Hoegh, Podcasting Consultant, Podconsult.dk

ksrinhoegh-222x444In this weeks 29 minute pre-recorded “Spreaker Live Show” episode #38. We speak with Karin Hoegh, a very long-time Podcast Consultant at Podconsult.dk/english out of Denmark. Karin is very well known in the podcasting community and has been a vocal advocate for podcasts in Europe for many year. She joined me on the show from Copenhagen to give her real world experience around Podcasting in Europe. Karin has been a very active representative of the podcasting in Denmark since the very early days of Podcasting and has been a regular attendee of many podcasting conferences in the USA.

Show Discussion Topics:

  • She offers her impression of the podcasting market in Denmark and in other parts of Europe?
  • What are you seeing around podcasting awareness and listenership and new content growth in Europe?
  • We discuss my experience at a Podcaster Meetup in Barcelona, Spain a week ago and how all the podcasters spoke in their podcasts using Spanish, but agreed that the most popular podcasts people listen to in Spain are in English.
  • We discuss how podcasts are listened to or created by a very numbers of people in Europe and most yet do not know what a podcast is or care.
  • Will European media ever get excited about podcasting, like what the USA media has done because of “Serial” here in the USA?

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