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Spreaker Live Show #4: How President Obama May Have Impacted Podcasting

Marc Meets Obama Podcast

Last week, an amazing thing happened. The President of the United States walked into a garage in Los Angeles to record a podcast with a scruffy comedian named Marc Maron on his WTF show. This event rocked the mass media and political world in a big way and sent a message that radio was not as relevant as podcasting in enabling intimate and personal connections with voters. This WTF episode garnered about a million downloads within 36 hours. This is another tent pole moment on the scale of “Serial” for podcasting and on demand audio.

Here is a link to see more photos from Marc’s garage with the President.

This week’s Spreaker Live Show #4 at SpreakerLiveShow.com with guest co-host Paul Colligan (@Colligan) of The Podcast Report podcast and Host Spreaker Head of Content Rob Greenlee (@RobGreenlee) discusses:

  • This Presidential moment in podcasting
  • What to think about before selecting a microphone
  • Evaluate your potential recording environment
  • How to wind down and quit a podcast.
  • How do you manage 5 co-hosts on a crazy Animal House type fun cast podcast?
  • Listen to Spreaker Live Show episode 4.

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