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Spreaker Live Show #5: featuring David Jackson, Podcasts in Cars

Presented by Rob Greenlee, Head of Content, Spreaker -Today’s show featured the co-host guest David Jackson, Host of School of Podcasting and the Live “Ask the Podcast Coach“ show every Sat morning at 10:30am EST on Spreaker.

Survey of “Serial” Listeners Sheds Light on Podcast’s Effect
More info at http://podcast.place
Edison Research Examines Podcast Audience Attributes More info here
Will Terrestrial Radio be around in 10 years?
What Should You Do To Make Sure your Podcast is available in cars
Clip Played from The Wolf Den Podcast
Clip Played from CNET’s “On Cars” video series
Clammr Effect or Not?

Quick Podcasting News Stuff:
Cycling News Teams with Eurosport for 2015 Tour de France Podcast
Cannabis Radio Network has launched on Spreaker 
The WNYC Podcast Accelerator – Five finalists podcasts will be paired with producers who will mentor and train the candidates, helping them hone their pitches.

Here’s what you’ll need to complete the application:

Answers for these seven asks (no longer than 200 words each):
1. What’s the one-line elevator pitch?
2. Who is the intended audience?
3. What are the main features or elements of the show?
4. What does the show sound and feel like?
5. What are the comparable shows?
6. What experiences and skills do you bring to the project?
7. A sample of your work (can be audio, video or text.
if you have a host in mind, we’ll need a sample of their work, too.

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