Spreaker on the Road: Chicago

We continue our voyage on the other side of the world, and today we approach Chicago, the biggest city in Illinois.

An important city in the early jazz and blues scenes, Chicago was inundated by musicians and artists. It became a major point of reference in blues especially, which further cemented its role in music history.

Lovely with all its tall skyscrapers, let’s discover what this city holds for us:

Rushdown Radio is an online video game radio show based in Chicago. It’s all the latest news and updates on gaming and geek culture, plus a healthy dose of humor to brighten the mood. Tune in every Sunday for a live broadcast of the show on Slam Internet Radio at 4pm CST/ 5pm EST. Check out them on Facebook, too, to keep up-to-date with the crew’s happenings.

Poze Productions helps artists take that next, necessary step in their careers by exposing their music to crowds around the world. “Helping the Unsigned Artists Get Heard!” is their motto, reflecting that Chicago spirit and refined ear in picking out new music and talent.

Broadcasting straight from Chicago is Radio Cosmos, dedicated to top-notch programming covering different topics of common interest – and all brought to you in Spanish. From science to social programs to music podcasts, there’s something for everyone and every taste, bringing the Chicago Latin community together through educational programming.

And we take off from Chicago to another destination – stay tuned!


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