Spreaker on the Road: Johannesburg

We’re continuing our trip across the cities of the southern hemisphere, and have just tacked a pin on a new metropolis: Johannesburg, South Africa. Commonly known as Jozi or Jo’burg, it’s the biggest city in South Africa, as well as its commercial, financial, industrial, and mining crossroads. Here we found a really eclectic group of hosts that exemplify the dynamic of the city.


We’ve mentioned the popular show Neigh-Bours Talk Radio before, but couldn’t help but bring them up again for this series. DJ Neigh talks horses, bringing people passionate about equine activity together. Listen in or check the project out here for everything you need to know about riding, grooming, and more.

On The Andre Brink Show Andre uses his training from Acudetox and his own personal life experiences to help listeners reach their goals in their quest to better themselves. Tune in to episodes covering addiction and rehabilitation, and on finding the path to sobriety via methods such as acupuncture and psychosis.

On The After Dark Show Double D and her different guests fearlessly venture in “all things nice, nasty, dark and dirty.” Tune in to quick episodes of open discussions on the world of sex and the issues to it,  like gender, sexuality, stereotypes, and more. Open minds are always welcome.

Totsiens, Jo’burg!

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