Spreaker on the Road: London

London! The United Kingdom’s exciting capital and our next destination in our search for Spreaker users. It’s the largest city in the European Union, as well as one of the world’s truly global cities. From its rock music history to royalty, London never disappoints in its variety in fun and culture.

Of course, all of this energy and spirit can’t help but come through in these great podcasts:

On Entrepreneur Wilderness our charismatic host talks to leaders and creators of small businesses and start-ups on their passion and the roads they’re facing. It’s fascinating and features great conversations that listeners will surely be inspired by.

Mark Johnson is new to Spreaker, but already has great potential for success thanks to the solid show he’s presenting: LawTalk covers information on public services law firm TPP Law, and features up-to-date news, views, and features on outsourcing, public and private partnerships, plus new service models. Tune in to keep informed!

The Parish Counsel, hosted by the Rocking Vicar, is great entertainment with polished flair featuring talk and your favorite tunes. “The Vicar is a tireless evangelist for all things rockular and rollable, ministering to the musical and media needs of his parish.”  Need any more convincing than that? Check out the Vicar’s official site for more fun!

London, you haven’t disappointed us. Now – off to our next stop!

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