Spreaker on the Road: London!

Here we are again, in flight once more on our virtual voyage towards another world capitol where Spreaker has set its flag. Today is fascinating and mysterious London’s turn, inviting us in its underground and downtown. So, let’s share the Spreaker– made podcasts present in the British capitol –  take a look:

Ben Fellows is a film producer, director, investigative journalist, and host of the energetic and informative talk radio show The Ben Fellows Radio Show, taking on controversial topics head on. Ben has covered everything from gun running to illegal immigration, and even the recent 2012 London Olympics. It’s great journalism that tackles issues from every angle.

Dedicated car aficionados, buckle your seatbelts and rev up your engines! Expert host Sara takes the wheel on Pit Stop Radio, where she and guests discuss all the latest news on the frenetic world of Formula One racing. Anyone can participate in live debates, and check out the latest previews and reviews of all the Grand Prix.

Hailing all supporters of Arsenal FC – this podcast is surely for you! The fun crew on thegoonerfamily offers all the news on the team’s latest developments, and follow up each game with spirited commentary.  The show never lacks in hilarity, nor tough love for their favorite squad. Fans, tune in!

What will our next stop be? To be continued…

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