Spreaker on the Road: Madrid

Here we are with our first post of this new series, doing our work on getting to know Spreaker’s podcasters around the world, fishing for them in the cities where they stream from – in their own homes!

Our first stop is Madrid, the Spanish capital with international flair and calienti flavors, where we’ve rooted out a mini community of lovers of podcasts and technology. With their daily broadcasts, they fill us in on all the latest news, and never fail to entertain.

Let’s take a look at who they are:

Mailery dishes on all the latest news coming out of Apple, the hottest in new technology, and gives thorough analyses and critiques on Apple’s moves and decisions. In the last episode, he offered his own review on the iPhone 5, pointed out differences with the previous model, and gave his thoughts on its potential effects and modes of use in Spain. It’s nearly daily, micro podcasts broadcasted while our podcaster is on the job.

Our second podcaster coming from Madrid is Converso, an active Spreaker user for quite some time now now. He’s a self proclaimed Nokia fan, Android supporter, and Nexus analyst, claiming he’ll never fall under Apple’s spell. In one of his numerous aural journeys, and working under the mission of a famous quote, he compares tourists taking photos with the iPad to soccer referees asking for player changes – in other words he’s dedicated aficionado of mobile technology, putting an ironic and fun spin on all his reports.

Android and Apple are the main themes discussed on Appledroize, featuring tricks, what’s new, and critiques. Hispanic nerds will be delighted listening in to all the info Appledroize has served up for us. Though currently on vacation for a couple of weeks, he promises to return with great news you can’t miss.

Stay tuned for our next chapter of Spreaker on the Road!

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