Spreaker on the Road: Mexico City

Another journey, another country! We’re continuing our tour of the Americas, and this time we’re headed straight for the lovely middle country of Mexico, specifically its capital, boasting one of the densest populations in the world.

We’re in Mexico City, or El D.F. as it’s known to its locals, where a fifth of the nation’s population lies – the largest urban agglomerate of the Western Hemisphere, after Tokyo.

In this city chaos were able to easily fish out the following witty podcasters of the D.F.:

A very thin line separates sanity and insanity, and these guys define the former as a state of mind, the latter a lifestyle. The guys on Mentes En Caos, alternate between music and chat on daily happenings. It’s a corner of the cloud dedicated to reflection, and letting yourself go to sweet sounds.

Political battles and social resistance are the main themes on Hijos de la Tierra, offering not only a Mexican point of view, but an objective eye on various situations occurring all around Central and South America. Revolutions, associations, and groups concerned with social issues can all consider the show an online meeting point where they can exchange views on political hot topics.

On Encuentro de Negocios tune in to different segments on how to shop online, evaluate guarantees and risks, and start up your own web shop with the help of tons of tricks and tips. It’s a mini online course on how to have your share in the expansive web market.

Where will we be next week? Stay tuned!

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