Spreaker on the Road: Naples

After lots of wandering about in other parts of the world, we return to our beloved Italy! We start our trip in old Parthenope, today more commonly known as Naples, an ancient city founded by the Greeks of Magna Graecia.

Naples offers Italy’s most conspicuous podcasters to Spreaker. They make up a strong online community, most likely due to Neapolitans’ already communicative nature, linking back to its ancient roots and traditions.

The first Neapolitan podcast we bring you is a news show taking on topics from both a local as well as national level. From battles concerning Fiat, to small-town stories, to general reflections on the city’s major issues, Il Paese Futuro represents the people and gives them a voice.  They openly question themselves and society, choosing to rebel if necessary.

Listen in to GD GRadio for its two young hosts as they reflect on today’s Italy, with an emphasis and in-depth look at their own community. Recently the duo analyzed and discussed the famous wrtier, Roberto Saviano, his challenging work against the camorra, and his successful film Gomorra.

Neapolitan Soul brings you that fun rhythm and energy you most likely heard on New Year’s Eve, all bundled up in two podcasts featuring the underground flavor of the most exclusive clubs out there. It’s great music to help start the year out on the right foot.

Ready to continue our journey through “il Bel Paese?” Next stop?

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