Spreaker on the Road: New York City

We continue our virtual voyage visiting place to place around the world, seeking Spreaker’s numerous hometowns. Today we approach the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps,  where anything is possible –  the pulsating and exciting New York City.

Between a walk through the over-illuminated Times Square and a stroll down fashionable Fifth Avenue, we find talented podcasters who call NYC home.

Use your imagination to escape stressful realities and finally relax with the help and encouragement of Sunset City Memories. The show offers tons of self-help tips, as well as good ideas and advice that will help you get through your day no matter what tough situation you may face. Don’t worry – they’ve got your back!

UrRepublic LIVE never shies away from hot political discourse and controversial opinions. Autry invites his listeners to join him in challenging stale and insincere commentary, and tackle the news that needs to be talked about. Tune in for some great tunes, too!

We already had the pleasure to speak to these guys, but we just had to include them as they’re a force within New York’s Spreaker community. The Bud and Roach Show is the place “where truth happens,” a place where alternative news and content flow freely. They showcase various independent artists and discuss recent events and the latest politics, offering a well-rounded show from every perspective.

Stay tuned for our next stop!



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