Spreaker on the Road: Sydney

Current stop: Down Under! We’re hanging out in bustling and busy Sydney, also known to locals as the Harbour City. Shimmering blue water along a lively metropolitan coast make for a lovely mix of surf and culture. It’s home to the iconic Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, as well as talented talk show hosts and DJs. Take a look at what we mean:

The Sean Bell Show is the brainchild of the multitalented host Sean Bell, a successful creative producer with a hand in graphic design, television, and vlogging. Tune in to his Spreaker show focused on music and all its genres, offering insightful analysis on pop, original soundtracks, and more.

Radio veteran and personality Brendan Leggett brings his talent to the aptly named The Brendan Leggett Show. You’ll catch a wide range of programming that includes great music, guests calling in, and interviews with important figures. He’s talked with Ross Grove, Mayor of Holroyd, as well as most recently with Yvette Smith, Blacktown City Council Women of the Year recipient for 2013.

Get into the groove with DJ Stan the Man and his show THE ‘PAST’ THE ‘PRESENT’ AND THE ‘FUTURE’. It’s music that will life your spirits no matter what time of day or mood you’re in. Whether you want to chill out or pop-and-lock right there, in your office, Stan the Man offers it all.

Alright mates, hope you’ve enjoyed Sydney! We’ll catch you again, on the road soon!


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