Spreaker Podcast Radio Gets a New Sleep Timer and Playback Speed Settings

Great podcasts are easy to love, so why not make them easy to listen to? We know you’re fitting in your listening-time anywhere you can—like on the way to the movies or as you’re getting ready to go bed—so we’ve added a few extras to Spreaker Podcast Radio for both iOS and Android to facilitate things: introducing new playback settings!

Sometimes inconveniences like time restraints get in the way, but a great podcast listening experience means that time works around you, and not the other way around. Now, a new sleep timer and playback speed settings will help you manipulate those limits.

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Set it, then forget it

Listening to a podcast as you fall asleep is a totally underrated experience. It’s your end-of-day entertainment that leaves things on a positive note, and a perfect way to trigger your ASMR thanks to soothing podcaster voices (ASMR = autonomous sensory meridian response; aka that tingly feeling you get on your scalp and down your neck). However, there is one tiny setback to it all—actually falling asleep and leaving your device to completely run out of battery before your alarm goes off.

The new sleep timer will help save you there! The timer will turn off your episode after the specified amount of time you set it to. For example, if you know you’ll fall asleep in about five minutes, set the timer to turn off your episode automatically with the “+5min” option.

Here’s how to set the timer:

In the episode view, under the seek bar, tap on OPTIONS (that’s on iOS, on Android you can tap on the settings icon at the top right). You’ll find yourself in the Playback Settings. To start the timer, tap on any of the available time frames, +5min, +15min, or +30min. To add more time, you can keep tapping any of those options until you get to your ideal amount (so +5min twice to get to 10 minutes). The timer will immediately start counting down.


Speed it up or slow it down

Podcasts lengths and the time you have available to listen in aren’t always so compatible. For example, getting to the movie theater takes about 20 minutes, but the episode at hand is about 25 minutes. However, you don’t have to leave those extra 5 minutes dangling! Use the playback speed settings to tweak any podcast’s length for the time you have. By speeding things up, you’ll be able to power through as many episodes as you’d like in a short amount of time.

Of course, you can also slow things down, too. If the podcaster you’re listening to is a fast shooter, you’re bound to miss a joke here or a word there. Take things down a notch by slowing down the playback speed and you’ll find a much more decipherable episode.

Just like the sleep timer, you can set the playback speed by going to the episode view, and under the seek bar tapping on OPTIONS (again on iOS, and on Android you can tap on the settings icon at the top right). Below the sleep timer you’ll see the different playback speeds you can choose from, just tap and drag the yellow dot to your preferred speed. You can do this while you’re tuning in to the podcast to hear the change in real-time and get a better feel for what will sound best.


Looking for less alerts?

We did add one more small, but great feature to Spreaker Podcast Radio: the ability to enable or disable notifications on any single favorited podcast. This way you won’t get overloaded with numerous notifications; you’ll only receive updates on the podcasts you really love.

From the Favorites section, tap on the podcast whose notification settings you’d like to change. Then tap on the About (iOS) or INFO (Android) tab. From there, you can turn notifications on or off.

Listen to podcasts the way you want to with Spreaker Podcast Radio’s new playback settings! Update your app now to get the new features, whether you’re on an iOS or Android device–then let us know what you think with a review!

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