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Spreaker Podcast Radio for iOS Gets a New Addition to the lean-back Listening Experience


Sometimes you’re not sure what to listen to, but have a vague idea – you’re in the mood for true crime, or comedy, or maybe you’re looking for something on the light side, like pop culture talk. But looking for a podcast often takes as much time as listening to one.

So we at Spreaker are making a new contribution to your lean-back listening experience – introducing channels to Spreaker Podcast Radio for iOS. Since each channel is based on a particular theme and curated with the best content we’ve got, you can follow your mood’s whimsy, sit back, and enjoy without any fuss.

How do they work?

Like a radio stations or TV channels, Spreaker’s channels are continuous streams of episodes from different shows that happen to all fall under a specific category or theme, like tech or news.

From the channels section, scroll up and down through the 30+ categories available until you find the one that suits you best. For example, you could try out Travelers Talk and catch episodes by the Amateur Traveler Podcast, Travel with Rick Steves, The Expat Chat: Lifestyle Travel and International Living, and more. Then tap on play and let it go! Whether you’re at the gym or driving to work, you won’t have to worry about fiddling with searching or tapping around again. Just let yourself fall into your groove while keeping your ears happy.


Every channel has been curated by Spreaker’s team, or has been put together by one of our trusted partners. Try these others out for guaranteed quality listening: HeadGum, Public Radio Sounds, KCRW, and many more.

With this latest update, Spreaker Podcast Radio for both iOS and Android are finally caught up with each other and share all the same channels, lists, and more. Now we can focus on developing new, exciting features to make searching and listening to podcasts even simpler than before.

Update Spreaker Podcast Radio for iOS now and let us know if you like what you hear!

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