Spreaker Prime Podcasters Generate $1M in Ad Revenue

We’re so thrilled to announce the initial success of Spreaker Prime, our new white-glove service for talented independent podcasters and networks. In the first three months of the revenue-sharing program, our Spreaker Prime podcasters generated $1 million dollars via programmatic advertising, with sixty-percent of the profits going directly to the podcasters!

Earlier this year, we decided to put more of an emphasis on helping the promising podcasters on our platform by connecting them to more monetization opportunities. With this goal in mind, we dreamt up Spreaker Prime, a program that supports the growth of independent podcasters and publishers by helping them increase exposure, streamline publishing and maximize ad revenue.

Our team was seeing such a significant amount of quality content from podcasters on Spreaker that we knew there could be great success in connecting them with the advertising technology that Voxnest (our parent company) developed. We knew Spreaker Prime could be the perfect way to dispel the myth that you must have millions of downloads to make money podcasting. To qualify for Spreaker Prime, you just have to have five thousand downloads per month!

Three months after the public application to join launched, our Spreaker Prime podcasts have generated more than $1 million dollars in dynamic advertising revenue. With over $600,000 of ad revenue going to the creators, plus free hosting, marketing support and priority customer care, we’re so thrilled that Spreaker Prime continues to attract top talent and exceed our incredible members’ expectations.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the initial success from of our members: “Within the first few days of joining Spreaker Prime, I made $600, and then I started waiting for the other shoe to drop,” laughed Darren Marlar, Creator and Host of Weird Darkness. “But, here I am, three months into the program and completely floored that I’ve earned close to $20,000. For the first time in a decade of podcasting, I can actually make a living from my podcast because of Spreaker Prime.”

Visit this link to learn more about Spreaker Prime and apply today!

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