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Spreaker Spring Retreat 2016

We’re back to our homes and desks after an exhilarating four days spent together in a small village close to Bologna, Italy.

This has been the first retreat of 2016 (our last one was this past December in Barcelona), and it’s become another testament to my personal feeling that the more we get to stay and play together, the more the team grows!

We had some really cool moments together, like personally welcoming aboard new team members we’ve been speaking with on Slack for months (which, you know, is weird! but is also one of the more mysterious sides of the remote working). We shared a gorgeous home out in the hills of Italy, cooking, sleeping, working, and just chilling out. It was also the first time Rob had ever been to Italy (he’s still surprised about how Italians cook pasta).

As it happens during professional events, we had a detailed schedule. Here are the highlights from these truly awesome days together:



Everybody got to pick a topic to present to the team: for example, we got a fresh point of view on Spreaker from Chiara and Sergio, the two new interns who joined the team last January. Our CTO explained how development is not just pushing features, but something much more complex than what the communication and marketing team usually perceive. Anna and Brigita focused on creativity and storytelling, while I chose to give my feedback on the way we manage the weekly calls we hold on Mondays and Fridays for planning and tracking our tasks and results.



If you’re looking to put on some weight, Italy is the place to go! Lip-smacking recipes were never amiss, all cooked together in the house’s amazing professional kitchen. Below are some of the more choice food moments we had together:

Slack for iOS Upload  _DSC0099_01



Apart from the sessions and our shared meals, we heightened the drama and got to know each other a little better playing the parlor game Murder (aka Mafia or Werewolf), thanks to Brigita’s recommendation. She acted as the narrator, conducting the game and guiding us towards finding out the killers at each round.

Now we’re all back in our different countries again, back to our different times zones and daily routines, but the retreat has done its job and done it well: we’ve better bonded, are better aligned, and are working even closer together towards making Spreaker the best podcasting solution out there.

Not enough? Read “The unsurprisingly great Spreaker retreat” wrote by our CTO Marco Pracucci or see the full story here:

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