Spreaker Studio for Mac and Windows: What’s New!


About one month ago, when we released the first version of Spreaker Studio for Mac and Windows, we got a lot of downloads and received a ton of feedback that helped us develop the new release we’re introducing to you today.

Broadcasting with Spreaker Studio for Mac and Windows will never be the same!

Update: Listen to this Spreaker Live Shows 39 min episode for a complete audio explanation of all the features of Spreaker Studio for Desktop on Mac/Windows:

Let’s go into details and see what’s new in this release.

What’s new section

We’ve introduced this section to help you discover new features in the app. If you want to stay up to speed, read up on this section anytime you receive a notification. If you don’t want to receive notifications, you can easily disable the automatic notification system in Preferences > General.

Volume management improvements

Starting from today you can better manage your volume, including setting your microphone and sources to the maximum level. You’ll also enjoy higher audio output quality that will prevent peaks and noise during the mixing phase. You’ll see this new feature under the section “Output Limiter” in Preferences > Console. Again, you’ll be able to disable it, but we strongly recommend you to keep it on.

Recordings and drafts

Now you can export your drafts to your laptop with the new export feature. You have two options: export drafts via the option you find towards the right of the drafts, or by dragging and dropping.

In addition, if you’ve paused a draft and now want to stop it, you can easily do so by right-clicking the playback button.

Live broadcasting

You can now save a local copy of your live broadcasts. This means that:

-you can go into post-production and then re-upload it again without having to download it after live broadcasting

-you’ll always have a complete local copy of the episode even if something goes wrong with your internet connection.

Also, from the episode page setup of your live show, you’ll be able to create a new show. 


Playlist improvements

Lots of playlist improvements have been added, too: now you can delete an entire playlist and import new audio files in bulk by the dragging and dropping an entire folder from your computer. This will give you the chance to save even more time when setting up your podcast.  


Microphones and Sources

Now you can configure your external sources even more easily: the new version supports channel selection giving you the ability to fine tune your dedicated input hardware. We’ve also worked on redesigning both volume sources and meter controls. 



The entire application is now accessible using VoiceOver on Mac.

Ready to test out the new features? Let us know your feedback below.

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  1. Indudablemente que nos sentimos orgullosos y muy halagados de sentirnos cerca de una comunidad como Spreaker que está a la vanguardia constantemente, renovando esta plataforma que ha ha sido el encanto de todos los que amamos ésta profesión, es satisfactorio ser testigo de como laboran en Spreaker buscando mejores resultados pensando en sus usuarios día a día, gracias por permitirme ser testigo de las mejores aplicaciones de transmisión de radio del planeta.

    Rey Antonio Durán

    • This is awesome! I also have a suggestion, Spreaker should add on to the App a call out line where you can accept phone calls. This feature should only be for Pro users.
      Good idea ? Yes or No….

      • Hi yash this leo i just want to say that is a good ideal about the app on the call out line were you can accept phone calls but i think it sure be for everyone not just the pro that would be awesome and great for everyone.

    • Excelente articulot! Te hago unas consulta. Puedo usar una interfaz Focusrite Scarlet 18i8 de 4 micrófonos. Que me los reconozca spreaker, y manejar sus volúmenes directamente desde el mismo Spreaker???

      • Hola Nico, si debería funcionar. Si tienes ya el programa pruébalo y dinos que opinas, si no lo has comprado todavía informate antes un poco. Normalmente si está suportado por Audacity no deberías tener problemas con Spreaker Studio. Saludos.

  2. Hello Tonia , you guys are doing great job everyday .. Also would be better if you add a feature where two people in two different places can talk simultaneously.. wouldn’t that be awesome too

  3. I love my Spreaker. But Lately as soon as I turn it on with my MacBook Pro. I get this loud feedback noise coming from my computer which is crazy.. I called MAC and we did a trouble shoot of my computer. It works fine with everything else but the Spreaker. I s there a way to fix that? I have my show air on 24 other stations but now with my App messing up it`s messing me up.How can this be fixed?

  4. There no way Leo that it should be for everyone, that’s like saying we should get all of this for free!…I mean I would love to have all the pro perks for free, I mean, who wouldn’t? I love the spreaker platform and honestly for the cost, its a smoking deal!..I mean even the free option is incredible…I believe you gotta step up sometime and have some kind of investment, otherwise folks can just walk away, and leave spreaker out on a limb. I mean to each his own, but for those of us who are Pro users I’d be a little disappointed if the free users got the stuff that the Pro users are paying for.

    • Hello, thank you so much for this question. Unfortunately, our customer support team does not monitor the comments of this blog so if you’d like an answer to your question, I would recommend that you send an email to support@spreaker.com

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