Spreaker’s All New Revenue Sharing Program

(Updated on April 2019)

How Full Control of Ad Injection is Revolutionizing Podcast Monetization

Great content has real value: your engagement with your audience is precious. The more you feel empowered and in control of the true value of your podcast, the more you will be able to really give to it and make it thrive. That’s why feeling fully in control of the way your podcast monetizes is important.

Savvy advertisers are already on to the phenomenal potential of audio content and are investing, big time. But there may remain a lingering concern that by accepting ads, you might be ‘handing over reins’ of your episode structure to advertisers. And what kind of money is there to be made, given the potential compromise?

Here at Spreaker, we resolutely believe that you CAN make your podcast steadily and seriously fruitful money-wise, while also keeping full control over your episodes. Earlier this year, we launched our Revenue Sharing program, allowing podcasters to earn money for every listen or impression. We are now delighted to announce that the program has graduated from its beta version, into a fully fledged sophisticated ad revenue system.

What’s new? (And what is it again…?)

Ad injection is when you earn money from audio and visual ads getting automatically placed throughout an episode at different intervals. These ads are provided by our trusted partners. Our new Revenue Sharing program allows ads to be automatically inserted into both downloaded episodes and stitched onto on-demand streaming.

Every time an ad gets an impression, meaning that it was listened to by your audience, you’ll earn a specific amount of money. In Spreaker’s case, you’ll get 65% per Cost per impression or CPM (1,000 impressions), depending on a variety of factors, like who is providing the ad.

It’s automatic. But here is the really smart bit:

You remain totally in control of the exact conditions of the ad insertion, which you can edit at any time.

Our new system allows to choose:

  • The position of the ad (pre-, mid- and/or post-rolls)
  • How many ads to include and how often.
  • The maximum duration of the ad to be injected

So the reins are always in your hands!

And that’s not all. The Revenue Sharing program can provide:

  • Highly accurate targeting: ads will be tailored to be as relevant as possible for your listeners by using helpful data like location, gender, age, source platform (iOS/Android), while always protecting user anonymity.
  • Better tracking, better CPM: having backend tracking on downloads (identifying what part of an ad has been played) means a greater CPM than the market average for ads on downloads.

As well as Spreaker’s own website and widget, ad injection also works on 3rd party playback system, for example if listeners download or play an episode of your podcast on Apple Podcasts. As these external system have different capabilities to Spreaker, the accuracy of impression tracking and targeting is also different, which means the CPM varies.

Visual ads will be customised to fit across embedded players and Spreaker Podcast Radio for Android and iOS. These will look something like this:

What’s the process for podcasters?

Even more control in your hands with everything in one place. You can opt-in, monitor and receive your money all on the CMS. The Monetization section is in the Main Menu on the left-hand panel, so you can easily check in with your earnings as you edit your podcasts or review your statistics.

Set up the Revenue Sharing Program for one or more of your podcasts by:

  1. Accessing the Monetization > Dashboard
  2. Clicking on Add podcast to the Revenue Sharing Program
  3. Selecting a podcast to adjust the Ads Options. You can always edit these settings, as they are evaluated each time there is a request to play/download an episode.
  4. Adding your details on Monetization > Bank Account and just below, Tax Information

You can keep track of your Impressions & Earnings Report, visualized in a month-by-month graph (the data is also exportable), as well as get a full record of your Payment History.

You’re the one that gives the green light and manages the switchboard. There’s no waiting around either for Revenue Sharing to kick in. You will start monetizing as soon as you join the program.

Great stuff! Does my podcast qualify?

The criteria for being accepted to the Revenue Sharing Program are:

Once you’re set up, you are already good to go. At the moment, Spreaker Revenue Sharing is available to content creators based in the US, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands.

This is an exciting time for podcasting. That precision and careful editing that comes with creating your content should extend all the way to controlling ads – not as a sloppy afterthought for extra cash.

And the money! Spreaker’s system works because it is NOT a gamble. Carefully placed ads generate engagement, which in turn ups your stats, which then ups your CPM!

So get the ball rolling and see the cash flowing! A richer and more satisfactory experience for listeners, podcasters and ad providers alike – now that’s revolutionizing advertising.

Find out more here!

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  1. I have one question, does spreaker intend to branch out from just US based for revenue sharing? Thank you, I think it’s a great idea!

    • Hi Jamie,

      Thanks for your interesting question. It is on our roadmap, but we can’t say more than this at the moment.



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