Updated: Show and Tell with Spreaker’s New Embedded Player

Don’t just tell listeners your story, show it to them, too!

Simply put, podcasting is storytelling via an audio medium. Not so simply put, podcasting is storytelling delivered via a number of various elements that also includes artwork, branding, and listening tools.

Now, with Spreaker’s newest embedded player, the marriage of all those elements comes together in one place, that’s efficient for you, as a producer, and convenient for your listeners. You can tell your story, and show it, too, with a full display of your episode or podcast artwork front and center, as well as a complete listing of your past podcast episodes. You’ll also be able to customize its size and color, and get to please your listeners’ eyes as well as their ears.

Why should I use the embedded player, again?

While you definitely need a reliable place to host and measure your content, (like, ahem, Spreaker), you may still want to keep your branding, distribution, and listeners coming through your homebase. By embedding a player to your website or blog, you’ll still be able to depend on Spreaker’s hosting capabilities and track your plays, downloads, and likes through your Spreaker analytics, but all the important stuff is happening on your website.

We know you get it, and many of you have already embedded Spreaker’s player in your home pages in the past. To update the player to this new version, you can replace the old code with the new code into your website.

So how does it look?

High quality artwork is essential to your podcast; it’s a super important element that can convey your episode’s message or your podcast’s branding at just a glance. One look is all it takes to get listeners to tune in to what you have to say. (Need a refresher on how to create great artwork? Make a quick stop over here once you’ve finished reading this post).

And if you’ve worked hard on that artwork, then you of course you’ll want to show it off. Now, with Spreaker’s new player, listeners will see what you “look like” right away.


You’ll also have the extra benefit of adding appealing graphics to your page.

Prefer a more minimal approach to your embedded player? You can always choose not to display the the full photo.


Keep things matchy-matchy with the tone of your website choosing between the light and dark versions available.


Take your podcast to new heights

With the new embedded player, customization is key, and you have the freedom to make it look the way you want it to. Adjust the height by plugging in the pixel number of your choice.

In the screenshot we added above, you can see the player at 600 px, but you can go smaller if you’d like:


Give them access to your full catalog

Just as before, you can select a player dedicated to either a single episode or a podcast, it’s up to you. However, now, when you opt to embed a player dedicated to your podcast, you’ll also be adding a full listing of all its episodes, just under the play button. Listeners will be able to readily go back and forth from between what they want to listen to.


All the essentials are still there

While it might feel a little different at first, we haven’t removed any of the features that you’ve come to depend on. Listeners can still like episodes and click on the chat bubble when they’ve got something to say.

Even better, they can still share your content to their friends to their social networks – extra distribution in a pinch!


And to find their favorite moments at a snap, listeners can toggle the slider.

Update (10/19/2016):

A quick update is now available that should make using it with WordPress sites even easier.

Those of you with self-hosted WordPress sites that have downloaded Spreaker’s plugin can continue to embed the player as you normally would, with the special WordPress-specific code we provide. That much hasn’t changed.

However, those of you with WordPress.com sites are getting something new! Now, you’ll be able to add the embedded player into your pages without needing a special plugin. You can embed the default version of the player directly into your site using simple code; just follow the pattern you see here:

[ embed height=”500″]https://www.spreaker.com/user/username[/embed]

And make sure there are no spaces in between the symbols and words. The URL included can be that of your profile page, podcast, or a specific episode.


And while we’re at it with the updates, just one more piece of news:

Soon Chrome will be rolling out its latest browser, version 54, with an update that will make managing multiple players easier on the ears from a listener’s point of view. Here’s how it works: when multiple players are embedded on a single page or throughout different tabs, they’ll be prevented from playing over each other. For example, as soon as you start playing one player, any other player that had been streaming in the meantime, whether it was located on the same page or in a different tab, will automatically pause.

Ready to play show and tell? Give us your feedback!

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  1. Sadly, the embed code on the new player isn’t working with my website’s code, and I can no longer embed a player into my page. It looks great, but it’s not working for me.

      1. I managed to get it to work. I simply had to paste the code in our text box instead of using the tab to insert an embed code. Thanks for the support. I love the service!

  2. I wish there were a way, to have listeners call in, or to bring on a guest. Other then Skype. If it were fixed, and the ability were there. You would put so many companies out of business. If anyone knows of another way besides Skype. Please let me know.

    1. Hi Bobby, you can use also the Hangout option from the Spreaker Studio desktop app. Actually they are (Skype and Hangout) the only ways we support to enable the call in option. Hope this helps.

    1. Rodger, you will find it in the same place. Click on the embed option, from your profile page or the show page and try it out. Let us know what you think!

          1. Hi! In order to embed your user profile instead of a show, pick the episode you want to display first in the player, and the click on the “embed” button. At this point you have to edit it a bit by replacing ” data-resource=”episode_id=EPISODE-ID” with data-resource=”user_id=USER-ID”. You can read more here: https://developers.spreaker.com/guides/embedding-the-player/. If you need further support on that, feel free to contact us at support@spreaker.com.

  3. Is there an actual embedded player on this page to test, or they all videos and snapshots? Does the new player allow embedding on other websites and the ability to download the MP3?

    1. Hi, Harry! If you want to see a preview of the embedded player you can take a look at some of our users that are already using it, such as the hosts of “If I were you” (http://headgum.com/episode/episode-237-motorcycle-live-in-toronto/).

      In regards to the player to being embedded on other websites, the answer is yes, and you can find more about it on our help section: https://www.spreaker.com/help/share-download?topic=help_share_embed

      However, if you want to download the mp3, you can do it directly on the show’s page on Spreaker’s website (but it depends if the producer had previously allowed the download option).

      Hope it helped!

  4. Does this work with wordpress.com? I can never seem to embed anything spreaker with wordpress.com and I don’t like that.

    1. Hi, Jesse! You should be able to embed the player on WordPress without any problem. Anyway, we also have a Spreaker WordPress plug-in. It is an easy way to embed Spreaker audio player into your WordPress blog. It works for any Spreaker episode, show, or user. Once you install this plugin, it will work on all of your blog posts: https://wordpress.org/plugins/spreaker-shortcode/.

      If you still have any doubt or questions, feel free to write us at support@spreaker.com.

    2. Jesse, We will look into this issue with WordPress.com as this hosted version of WordPress does have more restrictions on external code.

  5. Can you tell me what his the size of the image that i can put in this new widget please? Because i try to upload a picture. It is not working for me. What is the size SHOULD i use for this new widget if i want to upload my pic ?

    1. Hi there. For the best result, we recommend using images with a size larger than 1000×1000 px. If you will still experiencing some issues, could you please write us at support@spreaker.com and sending us also a screen shot of it? Thanks!

  6. Nice update… but as our iTunes ‘show’ images are 1400×1400 and I try to increase the size of the new embedded player to 600px it doesn’t resize as expected – in our case the words are clipped. So the image you are promoting – the lady with the iPad looks great. So how do we get the same ‘sizing’ please

    1. Hi there! The option for embedding the new player is in the same place in which it was before. Click on the embed button, from your profile page or the show page and try it out. Let us know what you think!

  7. Is there a way to use the old embed? I have about 30+ pages where I already have the older slimmer embed on it and using the new one will mess with the branding I’ve already done.

  8. The cut and paste code worked quite well for episodes. We have also been using the iframe embed code for live broadcasts. With the live broadcasts, the iframe embed code doesn’t use episode_id=123456. It uses the code: user_id=7363268. What is the embed code using the new embed player with live broadcast and start play automatically on load (but start where the live broadcast is at the moment, not the beginning).

    Do you also have a code for: Start play automatically when a LIVE starts in the embed code and the embed code knows when the broadcast is starting live? So, the player just sits there waiting for the live broadcast to start.

    Appreciate your assistance.

  9. We need a floating player for the radio so the episode or live stream doesn’t stop when visitors are browsing the website.
    Something like SoundCloud.
    Something at the bottom of the screen.
    Is there something like that?
    We had visitors telling us that it’s anoying that the stream restarts every time they click on something.
    Thank you!

    1. Hello there,

      Thanks for your comment! Well, as far as I know, it’s not possible to have this feature native in the player as you actually need to develop an area of the website that “floats” and insert the player inside that area. If your website is based on a CMS like WordPress, you’ll probably find a dedicated plugin. I hope this helps 🙂

  10. So, I’m not the most savvy tech person. I keep hearing to embed the code into the page, but is there somewhere I can go for a beginning to end step-by-step of what to do? For instance, am I simply pasting the code into the tail end of my page’s URL? I literally don’t know where exactly to put the code after I click the embed button. I’ve been running through websites trying to find out and haven’t seen anything really clear for tech dummies. Everyone breezes past the actual where and what that looks like part. I figured I’ll put my neck out there for all of us who need remedial help!

    1. Hello there,

      I can understand your frustration. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to tell in a generic way how to embed a player on a website as this depends on the website you have and where you want to see the player exactly into the website. In this case, we generally recommend to ask someone who knows how basic code in the website works. Anyway, if you still have any issues please contact our customer support at support@spreaker.com with further details (and also some screenshot) and we’ll do our best to help you with this.

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