Spreaker’s Pick of The Week: Chris Top!


wobaThe verdict is in, and you guys have voted Chris Top as your Spreaker Pick!

If raunchy, adults-only fun is your cup of tea, Chris Top serves up the hilarious The Chris Top Program, catered just to your taste. As a self proclaimed dork, Chris is your ideal wingman, always willing to take a hit for the team. Learn from his mistakes instead making them yourself. Get a true dork’s point of view on sex, dating, and life in general.

The host is loquacious and his rambunctious comedy is spot on. He welcomes callers and although he may not be an expert, he’ll answer any and all questions from anyone. Be a part of the show by calling in through Skype and add MrChrisTop to your contacts.

A former maker of ringtones, he is a self proclaimed king of dorks, and has been trying to move up the cool ranks ever since by always working on being awesome.  WithThe Chris Top Program it’s plain to see that he’s been pretty successful at it.

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  • The Spreaker week in recap! | Spreaker Jul 29,2011 at 11:33 am

    […] to vote for the pick of the week, and The Chris Top Program took first place. He was featured on our blog and received praise and cheers from […]

  • Dennis Jul 29,2011 at 1:06 am

    He deserves this spot. now he just needs to take over spreaker.

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