Spreaker’s Staff Pick of the Week: Vivendo do Ócio


This week Tonia’s pick!

vivendoThere are those who say that great ideas come when you least expect them, in moments of laziness and when we’ve got nothing to do. Even though it may not be the time for a eulogy to idleness, it’s exactly in this laid back atmosphere that in 2006 the two friends Jajà Cardoso (voice and guitar) and Luca Bori (bass) came together in the historic city center of Salvador, to play and create music. Soon after Diego Reis on drums and Davide Bori on guitar united with the duo and gave life to their band Vivendo do Òcio, taking inspiration from their “òcioso,” or lazy, evenings playing music together.

It was only a small step to take their music to radio, and for a few months now the group has been featuring their own show on Spreaker, dedicated to the Brazilian music scene.

Monday at 09 PM (EST) Fernando Gomes presents “Ponte” where tribal rhythms and Brazilian rap make up the soundtrack, and it’s impossible to sit still.
Tuesday at 08 PM (EST) is “Cabeça de Ràdio“, the weekly show that goes over all the latest news in the music world led by Jajà Cardoso e Alexandre Casal.
On Wednesday at 8PM (EST) “Mente Viva” features all the newest sounds by Videndo do Òcio and includes their future plans and gigs at festival dates, and national as well as international competitions they will be participating in. The same day at 11 PM (EST) Dudu Tomanacara‘s show takes us on a journey to discover Brazil’s underground scene.

Vivendo do Òcio has received international awards for telling their stories of everyday life, and now you can follow the band on Spreaker and interact with them directly; they’re happy to answer your questions and doubts. Just keep in mind their rule of thumb: no stress!

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  • Tonia Apr 21, 2011 at 11:25 am

    Obrigadinha! 🙂

  • xDudux Apr 21, 2011 at 3:45 am

    Caralho que matéria foda!!!!!!Amei!

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