Spreaker’s staff pick of the week: Lunchtime Talks at Kettle’s Yard!

kettlesThis week Tonia’s pick!

Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge, England is one of Britain’s finest galleries, housing 20th century, modern, and contemporary art. Original homeowners Jim and Helen Ede built up a collection of paintings, sculptures, and objects acquired during Ede’s time as curator of the Tate Gallery in the 1950s. Even then, Helen would host “open houses” in the afternoons, giving tours to visitors of the collection and the house itself. Kettle’s Yard is now a part of the University of Cambridge and functions as a proper gallery hosting numerous exhibitions and music events throughout the year.

Now, thanks to to the podcast Lunchtime Talks at Kettle’s Yard, contemporary art lovers keen on in depth discussions and analysis of pieces can tune in whenever they like, no matter where they are. Talks have been about Naum Gabo, Alfred Wallis’s encounter with Ben Nicholson and Christopher Wood, and Italo Valenti.

Tune in at 1:10pm, Thursdays for new episodes. Check out their site, Facebook page, and Twitter for information on hours, ticket pricing, and upcoming exhibitions!

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