Spreaker’s staff pick of the week: Political Journal!


politicalThis week Cristina’s pick!

If you’re a news junkie or just looking for a reliable news source, Political Journal offers careful analysis and constant updates on important events and stories from around the world. Aired on the SMBC Network, the show is hosted by Sheriff Phatey, straight out of Hagerstown, Maryland.

Sheriff is an informed and objective journalist, and his show’s format features clear and accessbile explanations of news and events. When giving his opinions he is careful and thoughtful, considering what steps should or shouldn’t have been taken as well as offering predictions. Check out his talks about the importance of U.S. involvement in Libya and the Obama Policy, Libya’s state after Gadhafi, why the International Community should give equal attention to the crisis in Syria, figuring out if Military Action should be taken against Bashar Al-Asad, and more. On his Facebook page, Sheriff also keeps up with stories in the US, and had informed listeners with Hurricane Irene’s moves along the East coast via status updates.

From Africa, to the Middle East, to the United States, Sheriff gives listeners the big picture on what’s going on in the world. Stay tuned to his show every week on Spreaker!

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